Review: Lord Haversham Takes Command

Lord Haversham Takes Command
(Miss Delacourt #3)
by Heidi Ashworth
Historical Romance
June 21st 1013 by Dunhaven Place Publishing

Goodreads summary:
Lord Haversham feels as if he is always running, first from Lord and Lady Avery, his foolish parents, then from the consequences of a schoolboy prank gone awry. Now a secret service agent to the young Queen Victoria, he has run back to England from traitors who seek his life. Little does he know he is running into danger of a different kind; the perceptive, sapphire-blue gaze of his childhood love, Miranda Crenshaw. How is he to win her heart without giving away his secret and endangering the life of the Queen?

Mira's parents, Sir Anthony and Lady Crenshaw, had always assumed their daughter would wed her lifelong friend, Harry. However, when he returns to England after a long absence, gone is the boy they had known and loved. Instead he is Bertie, a silly fop exactly like his flibbertigibbet parents. As such, her parents feel obliged to wed her to George, the young Duke of Marcross, whom Mira despises. Instead, she dreams of the man Harry was meant to be. When she catches a glimpse of him beneath his silly facade, she must find a way to persuade her parents he is the man for her--before he once again runs out of her life.

What I thought:
Sometimes I need one of these nice romance books to settle down with after reading a very stressful dystopian or a book from another genre. This is one of those books, although there is a little suspense. I really loved Heidi's first book, Miss Delecourt Speaks Her Mind, and so when I saw a Facebook post from the author I was happy to accept a copy for review.

Miranda is the daughter of the couple in the first book. She is sweet, but also spirited, and is cherished by her family. She has come of age and is now on the marriage market. Her parents would like her to actually love whomever she ends up marrying. They thought that they knew who that would be, but things change when Harry comes back home after being away for several years and isn't quite the same young man he used to be. Miranda was unofficially promised to marry George, but Miranda can't stand him. Thus, the two men are pinned against each other for Miranda's hand.

Harry is the son of a couple from the first book. He is strong, intelligent, witty, and romantic. Fortunately, he hasn't turned out like his superfluous and dramatic parents. He does act like he did, though, because he is trying to throw those against him off his trail. He never realized how risky his position would be until he fears he will lose Miranda to another.

I really liked both Miranda and Harry. I liked the plot as well. I would have liked a few more things to have been worked out or explained, but it worked regardless. I liked the humorous parts, which helped to balance out the story. Then there are also the romantic scenes you would expect from a romance novel, but they weren't overly done or dramatic. Some of them even cracked me up. The ending is quite fun and sweet as well.

Overall if you enjoy historical romance and want to read something on the lighter side, then I would recommend picking this up.

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