Weekly Update #20

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week. Here are a few things that are scheduled:

It's a new month, which means a new giveaway! My Monthly Giveaway for July has posted. You can win a (once read) hardcover of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick.

On Wednesday I will be posting for Waiting on Wednesday again. It's been some time. Come see what book I can't wait to get my hands on!

Friday I will be spotlighting another favorite for Friday Favorites. Come see what I will be spotlighting this week! I'll give you a hint: it's a mystery. No pun intended, well, maybe. :) Did you see last week's post about For Darkness Shows the Stars? It was a favorite read from last year.

Did you notice that I have no book tours listed? Yes, I don't have any this week, but then I have at least one every week for the rest of the month. Kind of crazy, I know. There are some good ones coming up, though: Anomaly, The Hero's Lot, and Prep School Confidential to name a few.

I will have reviews of In the After (I promise!), Catch a Falling Star, and Glimmer of Hope posted this week at least. Did you see my reviews last week for Siege and Storm and Through the Ever Night? I also was a stop on Shudder's book tour and have separate and full reviews up on Goodreads for both Stitch and Shudder.

I also posted about some of Amazon's bargain books. There are some good deals.

I finished teaching art to the little kiddos (4-7 year-olds). I ended up having around 50 students total. We hosted an Art Show Saturday night. It was great to see all the art, including the older group's art (8-13 year-olds). It's amazing how even though each student receives the same instructions and guidance, their art turns out unique and you can see their personalities come through. Here are a few pictures:


These are pictures of some of the octopuses, toucans (only those with the yellow background, the ones with the blue background are from the older group), turtles (the crabs were also from the older group), roosters and hens that my group of kids did.


These were all of the older group's art. They did some really fun and amazing things. The pictures don't really do the art justice, but you can get the gist. :)

We have had record highs this week - we're talking 118-120 degrees. Let me tell you, that's pretty hot. Tonight has been windy, so I'm hoping it will be a cooler week. I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are!

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