Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: The Dandelion Field by Kathryn Springer

The Dandelion FieldThe Dandelion Field
by Kathryn Springer
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback352 Pages
January 27th 2015 by Zondervan


This handsome firefighter makes a living coming to the rescue, but Gin doesn’t need a man to fight her battles.

After Raine’s dad walked out, Ginevieve Lightly never lived in one place too long, a rambling lifestyle that defined her daughter’s youth. When their car dies in Banister Falls, Wisconsin, Gin promises Raine they can stay until she finishes her senior year of high school. Gin will do anything to make sure her daughter has a bright future . . . a future that’s compromised when Raine reveals she’s pregnant.

Dan Moretti has only ever called Banister Falls home. After losing his best friend in a tragic accident, Dan devoted himself to responding to fires, rescuing the helpless, and guiding Cody Bennett, his best friend’s son, through life. With Cody being the epitome of the good kid, it was an easy job. Until he says four little words: “The baby is mine.”

Knowing gossip of Raine’s pregnancy will erupt sooner or later in the small town, Gin’s reflex is to grab the suitcase and escape to a new city, a new life. But with each passing day, Gin’s feet stay rooted in Banister Falls, and she falls a little more for this local firefighter who shows her not all men abandon women at the first sign of smoke.

As Gin and Dan do the best they can to guide the two teenagers through their early entry into adulthood, they discover together that romance can bloom in the rockiest of situations. And God can turn the pieces of a broken past into a beautiful new beginning.


My Review

I began The Dandelion Field with no expectations, except hoping that I would like it. The synopsis sounded like I would and I liked the cover. I'm so happy that I took a chance on this one because I absolutely loved it! The inspiration was light and natural with a good message. The characters all had depth and pulled me in. The plot moved well and kept me intrigued. The friendships and family were portrayed well. And the romance. I just loved it!!

So there are authors who can write fantastic dialogue and relationships and I feel like Springer is definitely counted as one of those that can. I loved the smart-alack sassiness of Gin. Her tough exterior, but soft heart. The way she fiercely protects her daughter. She's a hard worker, can put up with a lot of trash, but also has a soft spot for others who are low on luck. Then there was her daughter, Raine. I loved how the reader slowly gets to know her as her story is told. I loved this mother/daughter relationship and how realistic it was. They're tight, but there were also some issues between them. On the flip side was Evie and Cody. Their relationship was vastly different. Evie is still mourning the loss of her husband when Cody was around six years old. Cody doesn't remember a whole lot about his dad, but he knows the man that has raised him since: Dan. I loved, loved, loved Dan! He's in a tough spot between Evie/Cody and Gin/Raine. He has always thought he wanted something to only find out that he really didn't know what it was he wanted. The dialogue all around was fabulous, witty, heartbreaking, sweet, and real. I found favorite moments between all of these characters, although I think I'd have to say that those between Dan and Gin were my favorite.

The story was a heartbreaking one in so many ways, while also being hopeful. I loved how the inspiration was woven through and how each character had a different relationship with religion and where they were at in how they felt. I loved they received answers to prayers through others sometimes and how hearts were softened and changed. As I said above, the romance was fantastic! There was instant attraction, but there was a lot of give and pull (mostly pull or push, really) and I loved how it all came together. The ending was fabulous as well.

If you enjoy reading inspirational contemporary romance (or really romance at all) I'd highly recommend The Dandelion Field. It was one of those books that pulled all the emotions from me, made me think, and left me feeling happy and content. Those are the best books, where you turn the last page and sigh and almost wish it didn't have to end. This will definitely be a favorite read from this year.

Content: There was some mature discussions surrounding the situation the two teens found themselves in, but this was definitely clean.

Source: I would like to thank Zondervan, the publisher, for my complimentary review copy through Litfuse, which did not affect my review in any way.

Kathryn SpringerAbout the Author

Kathryn Springer is a USA Today bestselling author. She grew up in northern Wisconsin, where her parents published a weekly newspaper. As a child she spent many hours sitting at her mother's typewriter, plunking out stories, and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of books – which eventually turned into a desire to tell stories of her own. Kathryn has written nineteen books with close to two million copies sold. She lives with her husband and three children in Marinette, Wisconsin.

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