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The Dragon Tamer
(Alveria Dragon Akademy #1)
By Ava Richardson
YA Fantasy
ebook, 370 Pages
October 31st 2018


In Alveria, humans and dragons have existed side by side for centuries, but old tensions have grown and the kingdom is now divided between human nobles and the dragons that fear for the survival of their species. For the humans who serve the dragons, the future looks bleak: human Tamers outnumber the dragons and no viable eggs have been laid in over two decades.

For seventeen-year-old Kaelan Younger, growing up at the bottom of Alverian society has been hard, made even harder by the fact that she is loyal to the crown and has a habit of opening her mouth when she shouldn’t. But when her mother, dying of a mysterious disease, reveals the secret of her father’s identity, Kaelan is thrust into a world she was never prepared for – the opportunity to train at a prestigious school for those who share a dragon’s bloodline. The Alveria Akademy is a proving ground for humans and dragons alike, and could give Kaelan the chance to change her life forever.

Faced with a new life, and the gradual realization that she is meant for something more, Kaelan must reconcile not only her past, but also the course of her future. When her responsibilities as a Tamer collide with her feelings for Lasaro, Prince of Alveria and a powerful dragon shifter, it will take a strength she has never known to prepare her for the coming danger, and the fate of the dragons she has been sworn to serve.

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My Review

THE DRAGON TAMER is the beginning of a new fantasy series where the world is led by dragons and their tamers. The characters are likable and the plot is intriguing with its dragons who also shift to human form. An overall enjoyable read.

I liked Kaelan from the start. She does have some control issues and doesn't necessarily think things through, but she has a good heart and some natural talents. I'm looking forward to more of her powers coming to light in the future. Lasaro is a somewhat conflicted character. He has his duties and then his own hopes and desires to battle with. He also has his own powers and magic as a dragon and I'm also looking forward to seeing what all he can do. I liked how their friendship develops in many ways. The romance was sweet as well. I thought the different classes of citizens felt realistic, although their views not always so (it seemed like there was only one main opinion and I thought it should have varied more - maybe not so one dimensional). Kaelan's dad really intrigues me, so I'm hoping there will be more explanation on that end as the series progresses.

There were a few plot holes or things that didn't quite work for me. Some events didn't feel quite realistic. I also would have liked stronger secondary characters. Hopefully some of those things will be smoothed out more in book two.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This story portrays an intriguing fantasy world and one that I enjoyed visiting.

Content: Some innuendo and violence, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from YA Bound Book Tours, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

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About the Author

Ava Richardson writes epic page-turning Young Adult Fantasy books. She creates lovable characters and drops them into intricate worlds that are barely contained within your eReader. Her current work is the ‘Return of the Darkening Series’, which features Seb, Thea and their shared dragon, Kalax.

She grew up on a steady diet of fantasy and science fiction books handed down from her two big brothers – and despite being dog-eared and missing pages, she loved escaping into the magical worlds that those authors created. Her favorites were the ones about dragons; where they’d swoop, dive and soar through the skies of these enchanted lands.

Do you enjoy books with dragons? Any thoughts on this one?

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