Nonstop action and romance from beginning to end... Ford by Susan May Warren (Review)

(The Montana Marshalls #3)
By Susan May Warren
Christian Romantic Suspense
Paperback, ebook 292 Pages
August 30th 2019 by SDG Publishing


Family…country…or the woman he loves…

Navy Seal Ford Marshall isn’t the kind to stand by and let a woman get hurt—especially when it involves his twin sister, RJ. So, when she makes the news, accused of sparking an international incident, he doesn’t care what it takes—he’s going to find her and bring her home.

But he might need a little help, so he calls on the woman who has had his back during the last three years—Petty Officer Scarlett Hathaway, former communications expert-turned Rescue Swimmer candidate. She’ll help him get into the country, watch his back, and…well, they might be able to have one last mission together before she leaves for a new life, a life he very much wants to be a part of now that she is off his team. Maybe he can convince her to give them a chance to kindle the spark that’s simmered between them for years.

Scarlett Hathaway isn’t sure what future she wants—not when she suddenly has to care for her little brother. Maybe she should quit the Navy and start a life with the man she can’t seem to get out of her heart. So yes, she’ll help Ford find his sister. And maybe, along the way, figure out if they have a future.

But finding RJ somewhere in the vastness of Russia with the FSB chasing them will push Scarlett beyond even her courage and make her question everything she thought she wanted…including Ford. What will it cost her to love a man who saves the world?

And when Ford is asked to choose between saving his sister, saving the world from a war, and rescuing the woman he loves…can he live with his decision?

The third book in the Montana Marshalls series will leave you breathless!

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My Review

FORD is a thrilling ride of danger, subterfuge, and romance with inspirational elements weaved throughout. Fans of the series and genre will love this one!

I felt like the first two books in this series, Knox and Tate, had plenty of suspense but compared to Ford were tame. Ford just racks it all up a notch, both in the danger and suspense elements but also in the romance department. Lots and lots of chemistry, swoon-worthy moments that had plenty of heat without going over the line. The action pretty much kept me riveted in this story and I loved every tough minute.

I've really fallen for these Marshalls (all five boys and the one girl) and their drive to protect and succeed at whatever they set their minds to, even if they don't always think before they act. I loved Scarlett and Ford from Tate's story and so I was really looking forward to finding out what was next for them. Half of the story focuses on them while the other half starts RJ's story, which makes me curious about her love interest's future now after reading this one.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Full of action, adventure, danger, and romance that will keep readers entertained. At the same time there are quiet moments in this book where the characters face their own internal battles as well as deciding if they will trust in God. Definitely worth the read!

Content: Violence, innuendo, slightly suggestive content, but still would consider this clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy through JustReadTours, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

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