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This is probably one of my favorite Christian Fantasy series (although I would recommend it to all YA and Adult Fantasy readers)! I think it's that good!! You can see my review of A Draw of Kings HERE.

I'm excited to have the author, Patrick W. Carr, stopping by today!! You can read his guest post, which is awesome, below the book information...

A Draw of Kings
(The Staff and the Sword #3)
by Patrick W. Carr
Christian Fantasy
February 18th 2014 by Bethany House Publishers


Their journey to Merakh should have made Errol and his companions heroes of the realm. Instead, much is changed on their return. In the wake of the king’s death, Duke Weir is ruling the country–and his intentions are to marry Adora to bring an heir.

With Errol and the others imprisoned and the identity of the rightful heir to the throne still hidden in secrecy, Illustra is on the verge of civil war–and at growing risk from the armies of Merakh and Morgol.

A dangerous mission to free Errol succeeds, but the dangers facing the kingdom are mounting with every passing moment. The barrier has fallen, ferals are swarming toward the land, and their enemies draw near. Will the revelation of Illustra’s next true king come in time or will all be lost?

You can read the first 40 pages HERE.


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Guest Post

Here’s what I sent as some suggested ideas for Patrick to talk about today:
There are so many things I love about this series! My favorite would probably be Errol’s character, but for the guest post I’d like to expose readers to this storybook world and brief descriptions of each of the main characters. A map of the land would be neat to include or maybe some names of actors/actresses to play the characters. Something along those lines.
I wasn't expecting him to pick all of them, but he did, and I'm so glad. Here's his response:

The World of Illustra. Okay, about that map thing. Believe it or not, I actually had a map done. I scanned it in and had notations on it and everything. And when I sent it in to Bethany House they said, 
“Umm. This won’t work.”
And I, being the brilliant conversationalist that I am said, “Why not?”
“Because it looks like Europe.”
“Is that bad?”

The conversation didn’t go exactly that way, but it was pretty close. When I was working on the early version of “A Cast of Stones” I had actually intended to write it as an alternate history of Europe. However, the editors at Bethany House thought it would be better to make the distinction between Illustra’s world and ours more clearly defined. So I ended up changing a lot of the details of the story so people wouldn’t get confused.

But guess what remained? That’s right, the map, or more accurately, the geography. So when people ask me for a map, I just kind of shrug and say, just picture Europe. Here are a few examples: Soeden is Sweden, Gascony is France, Erinon is Ireland, and so on.

I’m working on a new book and this time the geography will be unique and I’m pretty sure I’ll have a wonderful map to include. Who knows? Maybe I’ll put in more than one.

I just have to note here that I love the map(s) and knowing that you have another series in the works. I can't wait!!

Okay then. Let’s move on to the likenesses I used for the characters in the series. But fair warning, some of these won’t look familiar to you unless you’re of a, uh, certain…um…maturity. Yes. That’s it. Maturity.

Hmm. Good word choice, I'd say.


I modeled Errol after my son, Patrick. He was still living at home back then and I thought he had the face and build to match my character. He’s been a good sport. He even agreed to compose the theme music to the book trailer that we uploaded to Amazon.  Patrick is now a grad student in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas.

I can definitely see it.


I thought Gwyneth Paltrow had the crisp features I wanted in my princess, but my wife has green eyes and I thought that would go better. I really like green eyes.

Ah. Yes, she would work, especially in this picture.


The role for Errol’s mentor was a massive no-brainer. I don’t care what movie you want to make, it will be better if Liam Neeson is in it. Of course, he’s holding a sword and in my books he prefers the staff. Psshh. Details.

I will just agree here. Love Liam Neeson!


This is a picture of Martin Luther. This was another of my inside jokes in the book. Martin Arwitten was modeled after Martin Luther who nailed his theses to the Wittenburg door. Get it? I crack myself up sometimes.

Lol! That's awesome! :D


Stanley Tucci is one of my favorite character actors. After the first book was published, people kept ribbing me. “Martin and Luis.” Of course, they were my favorite comedy duo when I was a kid, but I really didn’t mean to do that. At least, I don’t think I did.

He would have never crossed my mind out of the blue, but he definitely fits.


Named after baseball player John Kruk. Even in a baseball uniform he has that slightly irritated “I think I’ll just beat you up for bothering me” look to him. I loved writing dialogue for him, Rokha, and Lord Waterson. People who wield sarcasm well are incredibly funny to write.

Lol! Perfect!


While the easiest character to picture, Liam was the most difficult to write. He had to be two-dimensional and yet I wanted people to be able to understand him. After “A Draw of Kings” has been out for a while, I may even go back and explain why. Though if you read the ending very carefully, I’m sure you’ll see it.

*sigh* Nailed it there. Although Liam is not the guy I really swoon over even though he's swoon worthy. That all goes to Errol.


This is Rutger Hauer from his early days when he did “Blade Runner” and “Ladyhawke.” I thought he made the perfect role model for a cold, emotionless Watchman. I kept the hair as part of the description as well.

Loved watching Ladyhawke growing up. Great choice!

Adele and Radere:

Yes, I modeled the herbwomen after Granny Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies. They all would have liked each other, I think.

Yep. I've watched this one too. Love that show!!


I can’t remember where I got this picture from, but I remember I did a search on women in the military and when I saw the woman in the foreground I knew I had a perfect match. From the color of the hair to the shape of the nose to the full mouth, it was perfect. Rokha doesn’t wear Ray Ban’s though. That’s one of the drawbacks to writing medieval fantasy, no cool sunglasses.

And lastly, one of my favorites:
Naaman Ru:

No way could I pass up the chance to include Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) in the story as the world’s deadliest swordsman. Why it would be…inconceivable!

That is a great movie! Now I have "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Going through my head. Lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Patrick!! And please do write more books!

About the Author

Patrick Carr was born on an Air Force base in West Germany at the height of the cold war. He has been told this was not his fault. As an Air Force brat, he experienced a change in locale every three years until his father retired to Tennessee. Patrick saw more of the world on his own through a varied and somewhat eclectic education and work history. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 1984 and has worked as a draftsman at a nuclear plant, did design work for the Air Force, worked for a printing company, and consulted as an engineer. Patrick’s day gig for the last five years has been teaching high school math in Nashville, TN. He currently makes his home in Nashville with his wonderfully patient wife, Mary, and four sons he thinks are amazing: Patrick, Connor, Daniel, and Ethan. Sometime in the future he would like to be a jazz pianist. Patrick thinks writing about himself in the third person is kind of weird.

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