Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway: Spotlight by Krista Richmond

Welcome to my tour stop for Spotlight by Krista Richmond hosted by the publisher, The Writer's Coffee Shop. There's an excerpt and giveaway below, but first info about the book...

by Krista Richmond
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback282 Pages
May 22nd 2014 by The Writer's Coffee Shop


“He’s Hollywood premieres, and I’m small-town newspaper. Where can this possibly go?”

As both a fan and a journalist, Lily Richards often wonders what role the media plays in creating the phenomenon that is actor Daniel Brighton. Personally, she prefers to report her favorite celebrity’s latest role rather than his latest dining companion—but she knows others in her profession don’t always agree.

A chance encounter with Daniel at a press junket gives Lily the opportunity to prove she’s not like other journalists. But Nate Brennan—Daniel’s publicist—isn’t convinced of Lily’s altruistic nature. He’s baffled by his client’s sudden preference for the no-name columnist, and when they are forced to work together, their professional battles soon lead to personal sparks.

As Lily becomes more involved in the world of entertainment media, she must balance what she feels is appropriate celebrity coverage with the personal relationships she now holds dear.

Praise for Spotlight

Ms. Richmond has a very conservative writing style but overlooking the formality came a great storyline complete with great character development, There were surprising little twists and plot shifts that made this book stand out from all the others. 
-Talk Books To Me

I was really looking forward to reading this book. I don't know why but I really like reading about writers, and part of what I really liked about the book and the writing was how the author made the character of Lily a very ethical writer, and in this day in age when tabloid journalism is so rampant, it was kind of refreshing really Lily's point of view on how covering the entertainment industry should be done.
-Home. Love. Books

Lily Richards has the kind of fairytale life that 20 years ago I wished I had. Her work - and a little stalking - has resulted in a friendship with the hottest actor on the planet, but it's his publicist she can't stop thinking about. I'm so glad Richmond took Lily in this direction, because having her fall for the actor would have been too much of a Mary Sue move. Nate is great, and I loved their e-mail exchanges. A lovely debut novel.
-Goodreads (Andrea)


Bulbs started flashing. The buzz in the room tripled in volume. And Lily’s heart hammered away in her chest as all the attention in the room focused on one person.

His slightly uneven walk contrasted with the graceful way he folded his lanky frame into a chair placed at the middle of the table on the platform stage. He looked tired as he reached for one of the cups of coffee provided for him, but happy to be there. Lily could tell that he was nervous about facing a room full of reporters by the swift move of his long fingers over the stubble covering his chin. She had no way of knowing if the other journalists in the room had picked up on this habit.

With a soft smile and quiet “hello” to the crowd, things got started. Lily tried to pay attention to the questions that were being asked and the responses to them, but found herself drawn to watching Daniel. The way he handled the onslaught of questions was rather fascinating. It was clear that he took each one seriously. He held eye contact with whoever posed the question and answered them directly. He took a moment to form his answer, wanting to be as honest as possible. And those answers turned out to be thoughtful and, quite frequently, clever.

The press conference moved at a brisk pace. The reporters all wanted the opportunity to ask Daniel at least one thing since he was the big draw for this movie. Lily patiently waited her turn. Her hand went up, and she caught the eye of the person holding the audience’s microphone. He gave her a slight nod, indicating that she’d be next. While she waited, she locked eyes with a man to the right of the stage who seemed startlingly familiar. She held his gaze for a beat, trying to place him, but couldn’t before it was her turn.

Lily took the microphone when it was passed to her, gripping it so hard that her knuckles turned white. She bit down on her bottom lip and took a deep breath in through her nose as Daniel finished answering the previous question.

Lily had no idea what had been asked.

After a beat of silence, the organizer pointed to her. “Right up front, Daniel.”

Here goes nothing.

About the Author

Krista Richmond is a journalist, pop culture enthusiast and a true Southern girl at heart. When she isn’t writing, she’s often in her kitchen, attempting to recreate recipes created by her favorite Food Network personalities, or at her local theater, catching the latest blockbuster (or indie flick).

A graduate of Tennessee Tech University and the University of Tennessee with degrees in communications, she worked in print journalism for several years. Now, she works in marketing in southern Louisiana.

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