Review: Only With You by Cecilia Gray

Only With You: A Modern Retelling of Emma
(The Jane Austen Academy Series #5)
by Cecilia Gray
YA Contemporary Romance
May 2014                


Dive into the fabulous, fun lives of six Academy girls as their friendships are tested, torn and ultimately triumph…

Emma has it all – looks, money, and luck. It’s not like she keeps it all to herself – she’s totally committed to helping those less fortunate. AKA, everyone. She invites her heartbroken friend to help with a weekend charity event with an eye to matchmake, but when that friend turns her eye toward the guy Emma wants for herself, how will she choose between friendship and her own feelings?

* * *

The last thing that the girls at the elite Jane Austen Academy need is hot guys to flirt with. But over the summer the school has been sold, and like it or not, the guys are coming. And it’s about to turn the Academy—and the lives of its students—totally upside down…

The Jane Austen Academy series are modern retellings of Jane Austen classics set at a beachside California boarding school.

My Review

This is the second book in this series I've read and I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I also like that, even though each book is part of a series, they work as stand-alone reads as well. If you're looking for a short and sweet contemporary romance, you'll definitely find that here.

I immediately loved Emma and Knight! Emma is cute, poised, and popular, but is really hiding some insecurities as she tries to meet her mother's expectations and keep all of her friends happy. Knight is that down-to-earth, comfortable, but very attractive, best guy friend. Emma and Knight have always been buddies, always together and sharing everything. They end up going on a little trip for a few days along with a few friends and that's when things change. All of a sudden Emma starts to have feelings for Knight. She tries to do things to hint that she's interested in him, but it all seems to backfire and Knight doesn't really get the message. Emma thinks she'll lose him to her friend (it's in the blurb, so no spoiler), which makes things much less enjoyable for her.

The story was just really light and entertaining. The characters aren't perfect, but that made it more enjoyable. I liked the little moments that Emma and Knight have. I also especially enjoyed seeing Emma and Knight squirm a little - there were a couple of moments that cracked me up! My favorite would have to be towards the end when Emma gets really flustered and Knight saves the day, again.

I would recommend Only With You to those looking for a sweet and short happily-ever-after story. Perfect for contemporary romance fans who want something light to relax to that can easily be read in one sitting. I'm planning on reading the other stories in the series as well.

Some may not agree with my 4-owl rating, however, I feel like for what I was expecting and what this story is that it definitely met, if not exceeded my expectations. On my enjoyment scale, this was a four. :)

Content: Clean

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  1. I was confused at first because I knew I had purchased this awhile ago but then I saw it re-releases, LOL, glad I am not going crazy!

  2. I like the title! It looks pretty good!

  3. I did the same thing! :)

  4. It does. I'm planning on reading it.

  5. It looks like a really cute book!


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