Friday Favorites: Hearth Fires by Dorothy Keddington

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I have quite a few books that I read a while ago that I still need to post reviews for and Hearth Fires is one of them. It was a book that I don't know that I would have ever picked up, at least not anytime soon, until it was nominated for a Whitney Award and so I read it as a judge. If you can't already tell, since I'm talking about it for this meme, I was so happy that I did pick it up because I ended up loving it!

Hearth FiresHearth Fires
by Dorothy Keddington
Adult Romantic Suspense
December 31st 2013 by Currawong Press     


Mackenzie Graham's ideal assignment - writing an article on storybook homes - takes a dangerous turn when she photographs a clandestine meeting between a prominent judge, a black-market kingpin, and a crooked cop. Rescued from harm's way by a rugged cowboy-attorney, Mackenzie finds her career and life forever changed. Flying bullets and wild bulls team up with romance and suspense in the classic Keddington tradition. This exciting new novel will warm you on the coldest of nights.

My Review

I loved this story from the beginning. Mackenzie was an unsuspecting observer in some bad business and ends up having to run for her life. That's when our dashing rescuer, William, enters the story. They're basically two complete strangers thrown together, which created some interesting scenes and dialogue and a fun story. The circumstances for them coming together and the instant chemistry really drove the story. There is just that constant tension, either romantically, or from the danger that Mackenzie is in.

I really loved these two main characters! I loved how Mackenzie or "Mac" tries to deal with everything and how William handles her and the situation. They have instant chemistry and there are some nice humorous moments between them as well. I liked that they were attracted to each other, but they become friends before anything else. This is my favorite type of relationship to read about in a romance novel, where the relationship fits the characters so well, but develops over quite a bit of time spent together, and has some obstacles for the characters to overcome for things to turn out. There was some heartbreak and challenges the couple face, which just brought so much more depth to the story. It was such a sweet story too, but still with some sizzle. ;)

The suspense could have been built up even more than it was, but I loved this story regardless. The romantic tension was perfect, the characters were well developed, the dialogue was enjoyable, and the plot well-paced. If you enjoy reading sweet and clean romance with lovable characters, some suspense, and a happy ending then I would highly recommend picking Hearth Fires up!

Content: Clean (There is some innuendo and violence, but I would definitely consider this clean.)

Source: From the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

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