Review: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore

What Is HiddenWhat is Hidden
by Lauren Skidmore
YA Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling
Paperback256 Pages
May 13th 2014 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


In a land of masquerades and mystery, Evie is a mask maker in Venesia, where masks represent rank and identity. When a cryptic bandit strips away Evie’s mask and destroys her home, she goes into hiding at the palace to find both a new identity—and revenge. Fantasy lovers will be caught up by the mystique, romance, and magic of "What Is Hidden."

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My Review

I was hoping that What is Hidden would turn out to be a great story and I was so happy to find out that it was! It's a fantasy, a Cinderella retelling, and overall a thoroughly enjoyable story of friendship, heartbreak, love, and learning to trust.

I was hooked from the first chapter. I loved how the author introduced her two main characters and how easily I fell in love with them both. I loved how their relationship develops over time. They are first and foremost friends, and the best of friends at that. I loved how they teased each other, how there were equally humorous, quiet, serious, and lovely moments. A lot of their banter just cracked me up and made me smile. At the same time they both just melted my heart.

I was really curious about the Chameleon and what his purpose and end game was. I knew it would come to a head at some point, but I really had no clue what would happen. The one thing I wanted more of was more explanation and development on his end. It's actually set up perfectly for a second book that would hopefully explain that all. Between the two MC's relationship and the influence of the Chameleon, the story kept me engaged. I literally could not put this one down!

I would definitely recommend What is Hidden to those who enjoy reading fantasy, fairy tale retellings, or just engaging happily-ever-after stories. I know I'm looking forward to this author's next book because I loved this one so much!

Content: Clean (There is some violence, but not too gory or descriptive enough for this to not still be clean.)

Source: From the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

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  1. This sounds like such a great read again! I also love the cover! Very helpful review!

  2. Oooo...another fairy tale retelling!

  3. I hadn't heard of this one, but it sounds so good! The relationship sounds like it was well done. I love when there's banter and humor. And I'm always looking for a happily ever after story! ~Pam

  4. Great review! Fantasy and fairy tale retellings are two of my favorite things! This looks like a fun book! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really enjoyed it and I'm thrilled that it will be a series! I'm already looking forward to it!

  6. There is a lot of teasing and just good camaraderie between the two MC's. I like it when the romance doesn't go from 0-60 in the first few chapters.

  7. I would definitely recommend it, Natalie!


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