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Who knew that court jesters were so influential? This story has plenty of humor,
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The Perfect FoolThe Perfect Fool
by Bethany Zohner Herbert
YA, Adult Historical Romance
Paperback, 288 Pages
April 14th 2015 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


Plucked from the streets to become a court jester, Farrago’s life couldn’t be better, especially now that he’s flirting with scullery maid Thea. But when Thea turns out to be a queen in disguise, Farrago may become as much a fool in love as in his occupation. This medieval tale is filled with romance, humor, and twists that will keep you guessing to the last page.

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My Review

I loved how unique the plot was for The Perfect Fool. The main character's voice was also really fun. I loved the characters and there was plenty of adventure, humor, and romance.

Let's start off with these characters. I immediately connected with Farrago and his mentor Fendral. Fendral especially had many layers to his character. Both of them were entertaining, held a keen intellect, were witty, and were fabulous fools. Court fools that is. They both played their roles marvelously. I also loved Thea and how she and Farrago's relationship blossoms. Things kind of progress without either of them realizing it. There were also a slew of other characters that played various roles in moving the story along.

The plot kept things interesting. I loved the beginning of this story when I realized that the characters were complex and fun and immediately liked them. The story than evolved as Farrago ages and as other changes come into his life. He had to really keep his wits about him as he plays other roles and acquires new skills. The villains also have their own plans that are put into play and which Farrago tries to interrupt. There were some close calls, some danger and deception, as well as some sweet and humorous moments that kept the story moving and on the lighter side. There definitely are plenty of unrealistic parts, but they were all played off wonderful and with lots of humor, so they worked.

The Perfect Fool was a lighthearted and entertaining read overall. I smiled through most of it, even during the dangerous parts because they involved plenty of sarcasm and humor as the characters tried their best to deal with each situation. It's definitely a story I'd recommend to historical romance lovers, especially if you're looking for a light read. The romance didn't overshadow the story and there was plenty here for everyone.

Content: Clean

Source: I would like to thank the publisher, Cedar Fort, for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Author

Bethany Zohner Herbert was born in Salt Lake City, and aside from a short amount of time living in England and the South, she is back in her native Idaho where she grew up. She has been a fan of books since before she could write. She earned her Bachelor’s in creative writing from BYU-Idaho and her Master’s in literature and writing from Utah State University. When not coming up with weird stories, she likes participating in and teaching Zumba, making crafts (silly ones like puppets) reading, and dating her husband.


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  1. I don't have a partner but I can't imagine being with someone who doesn't make me laugh

  2. He makes me laugh all the time!

  3. Oh yes a sense of humor is vital

  4. I liked this one too!

  5. Not really. He's pretty quiet.

  6. sherry fundin4/21/15, 2:20 PM

    YES! It was the main thing that drew me to him. He has a great and twisted sense of humor.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. Not a fan of the cover but the plot sounds pretty fun!

  8. I do not like the cover very much either...but I cannot wait to read the book :) Great review Tressa

  9. Stephanie Grant4/22/15, 7:13 AM

    Someone who makes me laugh

  10. No one currently, but yes, that's a must. I love joking around and being snarky, and it's no fun if the other person lacks a sense of humor. Laughter's also the best medicine, and with my health, I can always use some cheering up. I don't want to take things so seriously all the time, and I need someone else who's like that, too, someone who will do stupid, childish stuff just for the laughs. I never dated him, but a good male friend of mine in college couldn't care less what people thought of him, so we'd do dumb things. Like, we went into the computer science building at night and took over this classroom in a central area (and a few floors above the computer lab where a bunch of our classmates were either doing homework or just goofing off). Brought vodka and Mountain Dew Voltage with us and a copy of The Sound of Music. Hung out drinking through the movie and being silly, since we'd both seen it so many times as kids. The next day, I found out that the entire building could hear the music and had no clue where it came from. Would be kinda freaky to have "The hiiiiills are aliiiiive, with the sound of muuuuuuusic" playing through the halls. I still think that's one of my favorite college memories :)

  11. I liked how complex both fools were. They could be funny, but they were smart in how they did things and because of their positions they saw a lot more than others did and were also removed from some expectations. Interesting at least.

  12. I mean looks do fade over time, right? I think someone who can make you smile and laugh is a great thing.

  13. I so agree. You have to be able to laugh at life's challenges.

  14. Mine's quite too, but he has a great sense of humor.

  15. That would be my case as well, Sherry.

  16. It was fun and interesting. Something I definitely haven't read before.

  17. I hope you do like it when you read it. :)

  18. Lol! That's a classic. :)

  19. Same guy, I hadn't been talking to for a year (weird dynamic in my group of friends because all the guys had crushes on my roommate, who was kind of awful to them; I just got fed up with it). I have another friend invite me to a party/say he'll walk over with me, because I hate going somewhere around new people by myself - more likely to just not go then. That guy had a very clear crush on me and was sitting with me on a couch at the nerdhouse party (no, seriously, house on campus that every year was granted to a group of nerds, with new ones coming in as the old graduated). Sound of Music guy is either drunk or just acting like a moron and goes, "Sarah!!!!" He comes over and fits himself between me and the guy that invited me. Throws an arm over my shoulder. Basically cut out the guy i came with. When it was time to leave, I walked back with him (he was in campus apartments across the street for me). He kept playing with his keys, and I told him to not drop them, because I wasn't letting him into my building if he loses them. What does he do? Throws them into the grassy area off to the side of the sidewalk.

    Most recent ex, we watched the Power Rangers movie, along with some old Disney cartoons and this really cheesy math video they did, while drinking. He got trashed one night before college graduation, went off to the bathroom in that bar, and came back with this blue on his nose. Everyone was trying to figure out how it got there, and another guy went upstairs to check. No blue. He tells the ex that there's absolutely nothing in there with that color, so he must've gone into the ladies' room. Ex starts going on and on about how okay he was, and how he walked upstairs and turned to enter the bathroom. "...That's the ladies' room." Walking him back to his room, he told our group the same story at least 5 times, never really finishing it. Whenever he'd stop, he'd forget and start right at the beginning again. He got crap for that for the rest of the time before graduating :D (Another night like this one, five of us went into the CS building to hang out before dorms. A girl went to the restroom, and we're sitting there waiting for her. 5 minutes, nothing. 10, nothing. The guys tell me I should go check on her. Even though I don't really know her, I'm the only other girl there. Turns out, she fell asleep sitting on the toilet. Busted out laughing)

    I just grew up with lots of humor, mostly my dad joking/pranking. An example: a family we were friends with had a son getting married. My dad bought a ball and chain, you know, like they'd stick on prisoners, and got it airbrushed with the bride and groom names. Gave it to the guy and said that he could have a ball and chain now even if the ole ball and chain wasn't around. He also terrified my prom date - the twins were outside the school playing basketball when my dad came to help out with the band. He got this gruff voice on, rolled down the window. "Which one of you asked my daughter to prom??" The guy took off running to the school, where you'd have to be buzzed in to gain entry (presumably keeping my dad out...or maybe the guy was just running to his grandma). Hilarious. I turned out snarky and tend to surprise others into laughing. Have to have that kind of laughter in my life, whether I amuse myself or others do it for me!

  20. This is why I don't drink. ;) Thanks for sharing!


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