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Party with Sweet Treats: Dressed-up Goodies for Every OccasionParty with Sweet Treats
Dressed-up Goodies for Every Occasion
by Norene Cox
Cookbook, Decorating
Paperback, 160 Pages
March 10th 2015 by Cedar Fort, Inc.


Take time to celebrate life with your family, your friends, and these scrumptious sweets!

Easy to prepare and super cute, these treats are perfect for every occasion and will make planning your next party a snap.

Try the . . .

Panda Snack Cakes
PiƱata Rice Krispie Treats
Little Leprechaun Cupcakes
Whether you’re getting ready for a birthday bash, a graduation gathering, or a typical family function, these treats are sure to impress all your guests. And with so many fun edible crafts and delicious recipes to try, you’ll want to find any excuse to party!


My Review

Party with Sweet Treats was such a fun book! The kids and I flipped through the pages together and oohed and aahed over the various treats we could make. The instructions were all fairly simple. I liked that there was a great section on stocking your pantry and some tips. Our favorites were the Sweet Bunny Truffle (used cake pops instead), Mini Bunny Brownie Garden (just so fun and cute - picture below), Bunny Marshmallows (super yummy and easy), Love Bug Cookies (picture on the cover), Puppy Love Cookies (just adorable), Brownie Love Bites (perfect for us adults), Rice Krispie Treat Dragons (the boys especially loved these), and then we thought the April Fool's Day section was super fun as all the holiday sections were. I also really liked the Sports Treats and 4th of July sections, and the Bridal Shower Umbrella Pops.

I will say that a lot of the items I definitely did not have in my pantry and some of them are more seasonal. I'll now be on the look-out during the year so that I'll have what I need in the future. The recipes used already pre-made, bought-from-the-store items for the most part. This made things really simple. On the flip-side, it also made things very unhealthy. My biggest issue was that I would have liked to have had a section with some basic recipes to use in place of store-bought items for the main cakes and such. We try to avoid purchasing Little Debbie-type treats, which are used quite a bit. The Rice Krispie Treats can be substituted for homemade at least. 

I also learned that even with a decorating edible marker that it takes a steady hand and some practicing to get things looking good. This just means we'll have to continue making some recipes from the book so that I can get that practice in. ;)

Here are a few pictures of the recipes from the book:

mini garden brownie tutorial
4th of july ideas, patriotic marshmallow hats, red white and blue food, cute 4th of july snacks, 4th of july ideas for kids
(All images taken from Party Pinching.)

Overall, this was a fun, creative treat book. The kids loved it and I'll be using several of the holiday recipes in the future (such as those adorable Uncle Sam hats, the bunnies on the book cover, and other recipes). If your looking for a way to add some creative touches to treats, especially if you don't mind purchasing pre-packaged treats from the bakery or Little Debbie, then I'd give this one a try.

Source: I would like to thank the publisher, Cedar Fort, for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About Norene Cox

Norene Cox, Party PinchingWhen Norene’s sons became teenagers, she realized how much she missed being a room mom. Making sweet treats with the kids and throw- ing classroom parties were all a thing of the past. As a result, she created Party Pinching, a popular website where she could blog about her cute food and budget-friendly party ideas. Her adora- ble desserts have been featured in Family Fun magazine, Seventeen magazine, and Taste of Home, and have been praised by Martha Stewart and Shark Tank’s Bar- bara Corcoran. She is a frequent guest on New Day Northwest, a morning television show in Seattle, where her easy dessert demonstrations get rave reviews.

Norene’s love for celebrating special occasions with all things sweet inspired her to write Party with Sweet Treats, the perfect sequel to her first book, Sweet Treats for the Holidays.


  1. I like the synopsis, sounds like a good read.

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    Can't wait to read your books

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    Nice cover and the synopsis definitely grabbed my attention. Looking forward to reading.

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  7. Good synopsis, but on the cover the man's eyes look bloodshot or something is weird about the color...

  8. Thanks a ton for the opportunity

  9. Sounds like a great read! The cover looks like something I would pick up at the bookstore to check out :) The man's eyes...oh my, the man's eyes!

  10. It sounds like it would be a very interesting book to read. The cover is eye catching but it's the synopsis that really draws you in. Sounds like it would be a great book.

  11. Ronald Gagnon5/8/15, 6:13 AM

    Eye catching and entertaining


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