Weekly Update #112

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week. I'm linking up to The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, as well as linking to Tynga's Reviews and Talk Supe for showcasing the books I added to my shelves or eReader this week.

In case you follow my blog, my little doggy is doing better. His heart isn't better and won't be, but his breathing is better and he's not in pain anymore - at least as far as we can tell. Thank goodness. It was pretty much killing me. I do get to be up at not at random times so he can go out. Those pesky water pills! They've cleared his lungs though, so it's worth it.

The husband took all four kids (brave, wonderful man) camping overnight on Friday with friends. I was going to go, but needed to stay home with the dog, which was fine. We'll go again another time when it will work to take him or have someone watch him. They all had a great time and came home tired but very happy to see me. :) We've had just gorgeous weather the past couple of days, including cooler temps and some rain and I've been in heaven. Yup. You love rain when you live in Arizona.

This week is a little lighter again, and boy, do I need it! I have several books I'd like to get read and reviewed and I'm hoping to squeeze them in. We'll see. Here's what to expect:

I'll be posting a review of What Makes Us Sisters by Bonnie L. Oscarson. Great book in preparation for Mother's Day.
What Makes Us Sisters

I'll be reviewing Robin's Reward by June McCrary Jacobs for its tour.
Robin's Reward (Bonita Creek Trilogy, #1)

Hopefully I'll have some reviews up. If not, I might join Top Ten Tuesday. I love that meme and it's been a while.

I'll be posting for Waiting on Wednesday. Did you see last week's WOW for a two YA fantasies?

I'll be a tour stop for Chantress Fury by Amy Butler Greenfield. I'll also be reviewing the second book in the series, Chantress Alchemy, which I never got finished last year. Even with that, I'm still really looking forward to this final book in the series!
Chantress Alchemy (Chantress, #2) Chantress Fury (Chantress, #3)

Is completely open! I can't remember the last time I had two open days in a week. Look for a review or two. Maybe even a Friday Favorites, which I haven't done for forever, but it's definitely time for one.

I added a few ebooks this week (covers will take you to Goodreads or Amazon):

Truest What's Broken Between Us Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family, #1) Captive
The Heartbreakers Awake Nothing Left to Burn A History of Glitter and Blood
Love's Rescue (Keys of Promise, #1) A Worthy Pursuit The Midwife's Tale (At Home in Trinity #1) Now and Forever (Wild at Heart, #2)
Hearts Made Whole (Beacons of Hope, #2) A Flying Affair A New Hope (Thunder Point, #8) Kiss Me (Fool's Gold, #17)

The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles, #1)

There's a few giveaways going on right now (each cover will take you to its giveaway):
 The Perfect Fool
Crave, Eat, Heal: Plant-based, Whole-food Recipes to Satisfy Every Appetite A Love Like Ours (Porter Family #3)

Did you miss any of these posts from last week?

What do you have going on this week?


  1. Megan McDade4/26/15, 2:51 AM

    Glad your doggy is doing better. You got some amazing books this week. Hold me like a breath and Awake has beautiful covers.

    Happy Reading

    My Sunday Post http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/sunday-post-14-beautiful-peter-pan.html

  2. I'm glad your dog is doing better, Tressa, it's always hard when pets aren't in great shape.

    You got an amazing haul this past week! I hoe you'll find the time to read all those pretties soon, and that you'll enjoy them all.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, happy reading :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. What a HUGE pile of books you go this week... you're going to have some busy days and nights ahead of you. Glad your dog is pain free. x

  4. Grace @ Rebel Mommy BookBlog4/26/15, 6:15 AM

    Glad your dog is doing better. 4 kids camping is very brave!
    Great book haul - so many good ones I want to check out - Have a wonderful week!

  5. Cathy French4/26/15, 8:28 AM

    I didn't really have a high school sweetheart but I don't keep in touch with any of my ex boyfriends

  6. Elizabeth Bogardus4/26/15, 9:02 AM

    I know how awful it is when your puppy baby is super sick. We have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and they are prone to heart issues, so I am always jumping if he coughs too much or acts lethargic. No actual problems yet, though.

    Sisters looks like it would be my cup of tea.


  7. Great haul this week. I definitely want to check out The Heartbreakers. I am glad to hear your dog is better.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  8. Grace Fonseca4/26/15, 9:14 AM

    Nice stack of books this week. I hope that you love all your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  9. Ah you saved me Tressa. I have not been on netGalley and would have surely missed Robyn Carr's latest Thunderpoint novel..so thank you! Sorry you missed the camping trip, but happy the little one is doing better especially with his lungs.

  10. Wow. So many wonderful new books. I kind of grabbed a bunch of new ones myself this week. I'm glad to here your dog is doing better and hope you all get to go camping soon. Sounds like fun and I used to go a lot.

    My Sunday Post - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/04/26/whats-new-on-my-bookshelf-106-and-the-sunday-post/

  11. So glad to hear your dog is doing better!!! I am glad you are getting a little lighter week so you can read and relax! Enjoy all those lovely new reads!


    Week In Review

  12. I was so excited to see Connealy, Witemeyer, and Hedlund's new books up at Netgalley! Can't wait to read them!

  13. I do like the title 'Hold Me Like A Breath' and I've seen it turn up on a few StS posts recently so hopefully there will be reviews soon. Enjoy your books.

    ~Ailsa @ The Book Bundle

    My StS post

  14. Oh, I'm happy to hear about your dog! That's great news.

    And you've got some fantastic books for review... *clicks on all of them*

    Leeanna.me: The Reading Machine

  15. I never had a high school sweetheart. In fact I have never had a boyfriend of been on a date....

  16. High school is overrated anyway. It's afterwards that life really begins, right? :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Cathy! I think it's for the best to not keep in contact with exes. :/

  18. Thanks, Dianne! It's always a little nostalgic to run into people you knew a long time ago.

  19. It sounds as if there might be a Heartwarming love story there!

    Happy reading, Heidi.

  20. I am sorry to hear about the disappointments you've experience, Sarah. I'm with Tressa, saying that I hope you'll find your happy-ever-after. I do commend you for pursuing your education!

    Happy reading.


  21. Interestingly, I hadn't though about my high school sweetheart while writing this book, but your comment made me recall a nice story. After not having been in touch with him for years, a couple of years back I received a letter from him at my office, essentially saying that he didn't expect a response, but that he'd seen what I had accomplished and he was proud. I was touched that he'd take the time to essentially say "you go girl!"

    Thank you for the comment, Dianne, and for bringing back a nice memory for me.

  22. I think Tressa made this point above, that the story works because Luke and Hope reconnected years later, when they had both matured. I find it interesting to discover that most people didn't have a high school sweetheart. Thanks for your comment, Cathy.

  23. I trust your happy-ever-after will come, Natalie!

  24. I think Awake looks excellent! I can't wait to read it.

    I hope you enjoy :) Happy Reading!

    Here's my Weekly Wrap Up

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  25. This is a great story. I haven't kept in touch with my high school sweat heart. .

  26. I really missed out on the high school sweat heart. I was way too shy.

  27. Me either, but I do see his sister once in a while just by happenstance.

  28. That could be a good thing, frankly. :)


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