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Welcome to my review for this newest romantic suspense from Kathi Oram Peterson! If you like a lighter suspense with a touch of inspiration, then check out my review and the giveaway below...

Star StruckStar Struck
by Kathi Oram Peterson
Adult Romantic Suspense, LDS
Paperback & ebook, 288 Pages
February 1st 2016 by Covenant Communications

Mercedes Grant is known to the world as Stormy Ryan, action hero. Her movie-star status has led to some unpleasant interactions in the past, and even a few stalkers, but none has ever come close enough to her to seem dangerous—until now. When she receives a death threat on her personal cell phone, she is understandably shaken. Seizing the opportunity to take some time away from the limelight while the police investigate the phone call, Mercedes escapes to her remote cabin near Idaho’s Snake River. She knows it is the perfect place to lie low, but she doesn’t realize how low she’ll actually feel once she arrives.

After days of suffering from a cold she just can’t shake, Mercedes visits the town physician, Luke Parker. The handsome doctor, a fan of the stunning celebrity, performs the necessary tests and is devastated at the unexpected diagnosis he must give her. Mercedes is sick—really sick. He knows she can handle crazy fans, but the news he has to give is another story. As Mercedes struggles to come to terms with her new future, she relies on Luke’s support. But neither imagines the disease is not the only danger Mercedes is facing—because just out of view, someone is watching her and is determined to make good on their threat.

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My Review

STAR STRUCK has a perfect cover for this story about a Hollywood action star who's fleeing a stalker and finds out that her health is also in danger. The suspense was light, but consistent from the beginning until it ratchets up at the end. The villain was kept disguised until the end as well. The suspense was balanced out with plenty of interesting characters, some a little outrageous, a few inspirational moments as a teen and her father make the heroine question what she believes, and a building romance. Overall an entertaining read.

What I liked:
  • I loved Luke! He was such a great character and I loved his sense of humor and the way he made Mercedes feel comfortable. He was so open and laid-back. Really just a down-to-earth kind of guy, but also very intelligent, honorable, attractive, and charming. I also liked his teenage daughter, who had plenty of snark, and the little lady who acts as Luke's nurse and close friend, who was a riot. I also really liked Mercedes dad.
  • I liked that the romance didn't feel forced. Both characters don't see how it would work, so they try to keep things from getting too personal, but they're thrown together due to the circumstances and there's such an instant connection and attraction that it's hard to resist.
  • I liked how the heroine tried to remember her training and even tried to think what her action-hero character would do to keep herself focused.
  • I also liked how the inspirational moments and religious discussion was kept low-key and so open. There was no judgement for difference in beliefs or anything.
  • The denial from the heroine felt authentic. She really was avoiding and denying as much as she could, but the emotions felt true, especially for who she was.

What I didn't like:
  • There were quite a few places where the characters didn't react as I felt they should have or were consistent. An example was a dog lover (I'm one so this really didn't make sense to me) who notices her dog missing, which is very unusual, but doesn't go out and search for the dog. There also were things that happened that the characters take really lightly or never check out, nor do they report things to the sheriff so he's aware of the situation. In cases with stalkers, normally local law enforcement. I thought that the suspense could have actually been built more if the characters really knew something was going on instead of them just trying to ignore it.
  • The villain was also a little too good in a few spots, under the circumstances.
  • There were some changes of heart that were a little quick that I felt should be held off longer or worked through more. I also wanted the heroine to have a stronger backbone consistent with her character about a few things.

Content: Some violence and innuendo, but considered clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Author

Kathi Oram Peterson

Raised in southeastern Idaho, Kathi Oram Peterson developed a love for the Snake River that winds through much of the region. She spent many happy adventures with family and friends swimming, boating, and fishing on the river. Though she now resides in Salt Lake City, she returns to the Snake River Valley often for vacations. When her children finished school, Kathi finished her English degree at the University of Utah. She worked for several years, writing and editing children's books for a curriculum publisher. Upon leaving the workforce, she turned her attention to writing novels. Setting a romantic-suspense novel in Idaho with the river she loves came naturally.

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