Author Spotlight #1 - Sarah M. Eden

I decided that at least once a month I will briefly spotlight an author that I really like. Today I'm going to spotlight Sarah M. Eden, who writes historical romances.

Sarah first began writing and self-publishing years ago. The first books I read of hers were self-published copies passed along by her aunt, who is coincidentally also my aunt. (However, we're on different sides of the family, so I don't know her personally, but have probably unknowingly met her a few times at weddings, baby showers, and such.) They were titled The Ramshackle Knight, which has been republished as The Kiss of a Stranger, and Seeking Persephone. I loved them both! Each book had great characters as well as some hilarious and heartfelt moments. I then looked online to find more of her books and purchased three (Through All Hopes, For Elise, and The Price Paid, which has been republished as An Unlikely Match) that were available. I also wanted to get the rest, but was disappointed to find that they were no longer in stock. She self-published nine in all.

I began following her blog and Facebook page and even sent a comment asking when the rest of her books would be available. She didn't know and didn't have any extra copies. I believe it was at least a year after that when she was signed on with Covenant Communications. Her books have been in the process of being republished since then. The Kiss of a Stranger, Seeking Persephone, An Unlikely Match (which has a paranormal aspect to it), and Friends and Foes are my favorites of hers and favorites in general.

Why do I like Sarah so much? Well, she writes fabulous books, written to take place during the regency period in England, a period I love reading about. Her characters are studies on contrasts in many ways. She might have a very serious heroine paired with a hero who appears to be quite silly, or she might have a heroine who is gentle and loving paired with one who is suffering and somewhat of a recluse. Her characters also appear to be human with real emotions, choices, and actions. There is always some humor, but some emotional passages as well. Her books have happy endings and the content is clean.

I visited her blog a few days after I decided to spotlight her and found out that she has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can't say that I completely understand her situation because I haven't had to deal with that. She is a busy mother, wife and, among other things, an author. I really don't have words for how heart-wrenched I feel about her situation and knowing how hard that would be for me with my small children and a busy life, like many of us have. I am hoping that she will still get to write the other stories she has yet to finish. She has a few more books that will be republished (some scheduled for this year) and I am looking forward to reading those. I will support her any way I can, even if it is just sending a prayer her way.

If you would like to learn more about Sarah M. Eden and her books, you may look for her here:



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  1. She sounds like a wonderful author! It's always nice to find a good author who writes clean romance. I looked into what she has available on Amazon and she just released a book called Drops of Gold in January that sounds interesting.

    I feel for her with the RA diagnosis. Unfortunately, I do know how it feels. I am 27 now, but when I was 24 and my daughter was just turning 1 I had to have an emergency spinal fusion, a spinal surgery that involves the spinal cord, so that I would not be paralyzed by morning. Then, months later, I needed another spinal fusion at a different level of my spine. Those surgeries have disabled me significantly, plus I have more herniations and a spondylolisthesis and it's not fun to be disabled when you have kids. Hopefully she has a lot of support because it's a lot harder when you have to do it on your own.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this Spotlight, I look forward to more in the future!

    1. I think we just all take our lives for granted in so many ways. Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed her books! My favorites would be Seeking Persephone and The Kiss of a Stranger, but they're all good.


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