Author Spotlight and Great Deals: Sherry Lynn Ferguson

One of my favorite regency authors is Sherry Lynn Ferguson. I enjoy her books because she writes creative plots, with interesting characters, and includes humor and romance. I first picked up one of her books, Quiet Meg, randomly from the library several years back when I was browsing. I was so glad that I did because I loved it! Ever since I have read all of her books. I really need to go back and re-read them and then update my reviews.

The hard copies are normally fairly expensive, around $20 each, but right now they are all $7.77 or $11.01 and her ebooks are $2.99 from Amazon. Such a great deal! My favorite is Quiet Meg, followed equally by The Honorable Marksley and Merely a Mister. If you like clean, romantic, and fun regency, then I highly recommend you pick up one, if not all, of her books!

Here is some info from Goodreads and Amazon about her:

Sherry Lynn Ferguson lives with her husband in Virginia.
She likes: her home, her pets, birds and other animals, trees, shrubberies, libraries, museums, history, poetry, Austen, Dickinson, Thoreau, playing the piano, painting, art and design, mystery, scientific inquiry, canoeing, swimming, "travels"(as a noun), oceans, deserts, calderas, the seasons, holidays, hats, tea, gingerbread, small dinners in good company, anticipation, kindness and laughter.
She dislikes: Too many keys jangling together on one chain, eating mushrooms, ironing, dusting, "travel"(as a verb), car horns, crowds, offices, schedules, and the telephone.

Sherry Lynn Ferguson likes the challenge of writing historical romance, of portraying setting, manners and language in an accessible way and within the uncertainties of all romances. "Love is a risk. How much do you trust in another person? That can be both exhilarating and disconcerting - in any age and at any age."

Her latest Regency novel, Merely A Mister (2012), follows Myles Trent, Marquis of Hayden (who appeared in both Major Lord David and Quiet Meg) to England's Lake District, where he finds intrigue and romance. An excerpt from Merely A Mister is available at

I hope you give her a try!

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