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I just wanted to share a few freebies in case you guys don't check or subscribe to I Am A Reader Not A Writer's Feed Your Reader blog. There were a few that caught my attention, for those of you who are interested. I only found one of them offered at B&N for free, so I posted a link for that as well. Here they are:

Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle by Marie Harbon
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Amazon summary:
The Kindle Book Review Semi-Finalist in Science Fiction/Fantasy 2012
'Out of Body, Out of Universe'
Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle kick starts a five part series offering a twist of sci-fi intrigue, which poses some interesting questions. If you had special abilities to travel out of body, where would you go? What would secret organisations do with these abilities? And how far could you go?

A physicist begins a quest to measure the soul but soon finds himself drawn into the world of the enigmatic Max Richardson, where research is sold to the military at the highest bid. However, he soon discovers another purpose when an extremely talented young psychic enters his life. He devises a project and builds a team to stretch the frontiers of exploration, only to make a reality-shattering discovery...

Written in the style of a TV series, Seven Point Eight draws together quantum physics, psychic powers, alternate dimensions, time travel, past lives, ancient wisdom, drama, romance, and conspiracy in a soap opera for the soul.

It's the ideal read for lovers of science fiction, fantasy, the paranormal, big sweeping epics, metaphysics, 'Lost', 'Fringe', 'Touch' and Dan Brown books.

Forsaken Dreams (Escape to Paradise) by MaryLu Tyndall
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Amazon summary:
Embark on a seafaring adventure in a brand-new series from bestselling author MaryLu Tyndall....They left everything behind to build a new Southern utopia. . ..After witnessing the death and destruction caused by the Civil War, Colonel Blake Wallace is eager to leave his once precious Southern homeland for the pristine shores of Brazil and the prospect of a new utopian community. Widow Eliza Crawford seeks passage on Wallace’s ship harboring a dirty secret—and a blossoming hope for a fresh start. But once the voyage begins, troubles abound. Dangers at sea and enemies from within threaten to keep Blake and Eliza from the new life—and love—they long for.

Dollhouse (The Dollhouse Trilogy) by Anya Allyn
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Amazon summary:
DOLLHOUSE is a dark, Gothic, Young Adult Horror.
Four teenagers chance across a mysterious, crumbling mansion in the depths of the mountains....
  • One of them is about to vanish.
  • One of them is lying about what he or she knows.
  • None of them will escape the fate awaiting them in the terrifying Dollhouse beneath the old mansion--a place of nightmarish horrors and insanity.

A slow-burn nightmare, a world of supernatural darkness and strange secrets.

Six months ago, fifteen-year-old Cassie Claiborne reluctantly moved from her home in Florida with her social worker mom. In her new home--a remote, mountainous Australian town, Cassie meets new friends--Aisha Dumaj, Ethan McAllister and Lacey Dougherty.

For the first time, Cassie falls in love. The only problem is that the boy she falls for is her friend, Ethan--and he and Aisha are already an item. When Cassie goes on a school hike to Devils Hole with her new friends, she tries desperately to keep her feelings for Ethan secret.

Aisha disappears on the hike without a trace--with the police believing she was murdered.

When Cassie, Ethan and Lacey return to the mountains to search for Aisha--Cassie begins to realize she never really knew any of her friends. Everyone has their own secrets. She discovers the stranger lurking inside everyone she thought she knew.

The darkest secret of all waits beneath the old mansion in the mountains--a secret from which there is no escape....

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill
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Amazon summary:
Mars stinks.

It's hot. The air reeks of burning fuel; the rivers and lakes seethe with sulfur. In the shadows, evil men plot terror and beasts hunt the innocent. Out on the barren crags of the terraformed planet, there is nowhere to hide. No one to heed a call for help.

No one, except Durango.

Enchantment's Reach by Martin Ash

Amazon summary:
An extraordinary work of tense, outsider fantasy… Enchantment’s Reach is a fast-paced, intricately-woven saga of conflict, mystery, intrigue, magic and betrayal, set in world that may be part-dream, part-real, or perhaps something else entirely, where the fabulous and the unexpected have become the norm.
In this world, anything is possible…

The small kingdom of Enchantment’s Reach lies close on the border of the mysterious land of Enchantment from where strange magical energies seep, borne invisibly on unnatural breezes. Untamed magic resides in the very air, the land itself, and sometimes also deep within the minds of its inhabitants.
It is a time of immense tension. Enchantment’s Reach is being torn apart from both inside and out. From the southwest have come the Karai, a brutal warrior race not wholly human, one of whose armies now musters just a few leagues from the border. The Karai are in league, it appears, with mysterious and powerful entities who dwell within Enchantment itself, commonly held to have the powers of gods. Yet neither the Karai nor these godlike creatures of Enchantment have been known before to interfere directly in the affairs of lesser creatures.

What is it that they seek from Enchantment’s Reach?
Further dangers beset the small kingdom. Perilous internal as well as external conflicts threaten its King, Leth, his beautiful young queen, Issul, and the people of the Reach. Strange religious factions are resurgent, fanatical cults revive old feuds and rise to threaten the throne, and somewhere deep within Enchantment’s Reach itself a mysterious creature appears, an inhabitant of some other dimension, seeming secretly to wield unusual influence over King Leth.

The world is fragile…

Ahead lie treacherous intrigues both human and otherworldly, and a desperate quest into lands of warring gods, into dimensions previously uncontacted, and into the depths of unconscious creation in search of keys to mysteries dark, enigmatic and profound.

Here is fantasy at its finest – a true epic brimming with secrets and revelations, an enquiry deep into mysteries of existence, the nature of experience and knowledge, of belief, desire and treachery, and of jealous gods and scheming humans, all held together with a narrative power that will hold the reader enthralled from beginning to end.

Playing at Forever by Michelle Brewer
Amazon summary:
After achieving his dream of making it in Hollywood, Tommy Davidson returns to Ravenside, running away from the emptiness that had come with his success and the beginnings of a floundering career. There, he finds Penny Lang—beautiful as ever, but struggling with her own problems. Sure, she had the restaurant she’d always dreamed of, but the cost had been high—and it had included her marriage. Now, her ex is threatening to take it all away from her.

With the two of them so close to losing everything they have worked so hard for, it only seems natural that they help each other out. Tommy’s image is in need of some refreshing and Penny is just the girl for the job. If Penny acts as if she and Tommy are together for the long-haul, Tommy will make sure Penny keeps her restaurant.
Simple enough in thought, but as the line between reality and fiction blurs, the two of them are forced to decide…how much of it is really just an act?
This is a short read, perfect for a few hours relaxing reading.

Behind Jane Austen's Door by Jennifer Forest

Amazon summary:
A tour of a Regency home, room by room.
Behind Jane Austen's Door takes you on a tour of a Regency house, room by room, to explore the delicate challenges and the beautiful lives of Jane Austen's women.

Jane Austen did not place her stories in castles or on the battlefields, but in that one building so important to Elizabeth and Elinor: a home of their own.

What was life like for Jane Austen's women in the home? From drawing room diva, to mother, wife and savvy housekeeper, Jane Austen's women lived fascinating lives in their homes. Behind Jane Austen's Door is a gentle 14,500 words. This is a short read, perfect for a few hours relaxing reading.

Watched (The Watched Series) by Cindy M Hogan
Amazon summary:

She longs for it.
A murder.
She will never be the same.

It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change Christy's life. It takes murder.
A witness to the brutal slaying of a senator's aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot guys. 

She discovers that if she can't help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.

Noble Pursuits by Chautona Havig 
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Amazon summary:
Nolan Burke has everything a man could hope for- well, except for a wife. In his search for a genuine relationship, he's come up empty handed. Desperate for a change of scenery (and desperate for an escape from the attentions of aggressive Rockland women), he's relocating to Brunswick.

He is not prepared for Grace.
Independent, strong, and decidedly feminine, Grace Buscher is living her childhood dream. While friends and family watch concerned and amazed, she pinches pennies into dollars as the most successful (and only) house-spinster in the greater Rockland area.

When Nolan meets Grace, two worlds collide resulting in accidents, misunderstandings, and one silly serenade to a mouse.

Noble Pursuits is the introductory book in the Rockland Chronicles series by Chautona Havig.

Happy reading!



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    1. I'm not much into horror, but when it's free I'm willing to give a lot of books a try. :)

  3. Oh thanks for the heads up on Black Hole Sun cause I have the second (and maybe third) books but not the first. The first three you mentioned sound really good and I hadn't heard of them yet. Thanks for letting us know!


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