Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Fractured Truth by Rachel McClellan

Welcome to my tour stop for Fractured Truth, the third book in the Fractured Light trilogy, by Rachel McClellan! My review and a giveaway for a signed copy and a $25 Amazon gift card is below, but first about the book...

Fractured Light
(Fractured Light #3)
by Rachel McClellan
YA Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Paperback339 Pages
April 8th 2014 by Cedar Fort                 


Llona is determined to end the fight with the Vykens once and for all. All she needs is to find and destroy the Shadow—the ultimate source of dark power. But when she makes a startling discovery about someone she loves, Llona has to fight the toughest battle yet in this exciting conclusion to the Fractured Light series.

You can read three excerpts on Cedar Fort's blog here, here, and here.

My Review

The story starts off full of action and pretty much never lets go. There are places where there is some downtime, but there is a constant feeling of a coming fight. Then there are what you would think are the good guys and the bad guys, but not everyone is as they seem and that just adds to the building climax. I pretty much was focused on figuring out what was going to happen and hoping that it turned out in the end and that none of the characters I liked would get killed off.

I liked Llona and her fierceness, determination, and loyalty. I love Liam even more! He is probably my favorite character. I liked that he thought before he acted most of the time, that he wasn't afraid to open himself up, and he is also fierce and extremely protective, and that he has such a strong will in fighting the darkness. I did feel just a little weird with him and Llona possibly being love interests for each other since he is so much older and she is still so young, but once I got over that it was okay. Then there is the other charming guy, well at least charming when he wants to be, which is definitely not all the time. May, Llona's best friend, is also a strong character and she has some issues she has to work through.

I did get mad at Llona in a few places because she couldn't seem to keep some information to herself. I also was frustrated with May with some of her choices. Then I got frustrated with some of the adults and the council for not having better security prevention in place and not being more prepared and involved. It definitely got my ire up and added some tension to the story.

Over all I enjoyed the characters and the story. I had thought this would be the last book, but it definitely is not. I'm curious to know how things will turn out. It reminded me of The Vampire Academy series in several ways.

I would recommend Fractured Truth to those who enjoy reading YA Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy.

Content: There is some descriptive violence and specifically toward women. Otherwise this is clean.

Source: From the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

PictureAbout the Author

Rachel McClellan was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When she’s not in her writing lair, she’s partying with her husband and four small children. Her love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, her imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was…Currently she lives in Rhode Island where the graveyards are as enchanting as the forests.
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  1. I love that she grew up in my hometown!
    I remember seeing a lot about this series when it first came out. I am glad you are still really liking it.

  2. Those are such fabulous covers! Great review as always Tressa:) I love reading your reviews :)

  3. When I finally managed to rip my eyes away from that wicked-cool cover art, I realized a story about a mermaid-like creature with a shocking ability sounds great too! Wondering if her father was an electric eel now. :D

  4. The covers are awesome! I really like them. Thank you! :)

  5. That is fun! I did see a lot of hype with the first book came out as well. The next book I'm assuming will be a little of a travel log/road trip for part of it. It should be interesting.

  6. It caught my attention as well. It definitely makes you wonder what it's about.

  7. Lol! Love your enthusiasm. It is pretty cool.

  8. Exactly! I want to know if the story has a little bit of a creepiness to it since the cover definitely gives a little of a creepy vibe.

  9. Lol! I love that it's artsy!

  10. I love the sound of this one. I never read Vampire Academy so I couldn't compare, but an exciting looking paranormal!

  11. Huh, these look pretty interesting! Thank you for your review. I know I can always find good books to read on your blog :)

  12. Wow. The cover is pretty fantastic and the summary is intriguing.

  13. Definitely. You'd probably like them more than I did because you haven't read VA.

  14. They were interesting. I think you would probably like them.

  15. It definitely has a darker, almost gothic feel to the fantasy.

  16. I love that it's a little edgy. Definitely intrigued.


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