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Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to CambriaCalvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria
by Rusty Anderson
Middle Grade Urban Fantasy
ebook270 Pages
November 9th 2014 by Cedar Fort, Inc.


“I told you,” said Perry. “I told you we’d find it.” Calvin smiled and shook his head at Perry.
“You were right, Calvin,” Anna said, standing in awe. “You were absolutely right.”

For years, Calvin's grandfather has told him stories about a cabin deep in the woods that holds an amazing secret. Then one day Calvin and his two best friends find the cabin. Inside they discover more than just the world's coolest clubhouse. This is The Crossing—a magical portal that takes them to another world.

Soon all three are in Cambria, a fantastic world filled with bizarre people, wonderful food, real magic, and even dragons! There Calvin learns that his family has a secret history and he’s swept up in the same dangerous mission that got his father killed thirteen years ago.

Can Calvin, Anna, and Perry stand up to the evil sorcerer Galigore and his grotesque minions? Or is Calvin doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps? This epic adventure story is perfect for kids and parents alike. Full of action, adventure, mystery, and magic, it’s an entertaining read that will keep you guessing.



     As Perry turned to join them, he noticed a dark shadow near the ground. He crouched onto his knees, lifted up the low branches, and saw an opening. "Wait a second," he called to the others. "I found something!" He slipped underneath the brush.
     Calvin and Anna turned around but couldn't see Perry anywhere. They retraced their steps, looking for any sign of him.
     "Perry?" Anna called. "Where are you?"
     It was quiet for a moment. Calvin and Anna looked at each other, puzzled and slightly nervous.

     "Ahhh!" Anna screamed and jumped back.
     "What?" Calvin asked. "What is it?"
     Anna pointed toward the ground at a hand that was sticking out from the bushes. It was frantically reaching, as if trying to grab onto somethingor someone. They heard Perry laughing. Calvin tried to keep a straight face but couldn't. "Nice one!"
     "Did I get her?" Perry's head stuck out from under the brush.
     "Look, she's still shaking."
     "That was not funny." Anna tried to say it sternly, but even she cracked a smile.
     Perry held the branches up so Calvin and Anna could crawl through the small opening. Calvin and Anna scooted past him and eventually rose to their feet when the vegetation finally gave way to a small glade.
     Perry grunted as he rolled out from under the bushes and pushed himself awkwardly to his knees. "You were so freaked out?" He was still laughing at Anna, overly proud of his prank. "I wish I could have seen your face. . . . Calvin, what did she look like when I—"
     "Shhh!" Calvin raised his hand. "I hear something."
     A slight breeze swayed the tall pine trees and emitted a low, steady bellowing from high above. Birds chirped a melody that rang throughout the forest, and squirrels chittered, jumping from branch to branch. But it wasn't these noises that caused Calvin to freeze. His ears were fixed on the faint sound of water.
     "Do you hear it? It's coming from over there." Calvin took a few steps through the scrub oak. He stepped over some branches and ducked under a few more, weaving his way through the shrubbery. Anna and Perry stayed close behind, carving their own paths through the thick vegetation, following the sound of water.
     After several pokes and scrapes, the three of them finally reached the end of the brush. They anxiously broke through the remaining entangled branches and marveled at the century-old cottage.

About the Author

Rusty Anderson discovered his passion for writing at an early age. When he was in the fourth grade he was given an assignment to write, illustrate, and bind a book. He liked it so much, he wrote three––most of which were pretty awful. One of those books, however, received accolades at a district writing competition.

Originally from California, Rusty is no stranger to apple boxes and packaging tape. He attended three different middle schools and two different high schools between California and Utah. He lived in Guatemala, learned to speak Spanish, and eventually made his way back to Utah, where he graduated from the University of Utah. Rusty was the editor of a monthly Utah newspaper and currently pays the bills doing graphic design and marketing.

On the weekends, Rusty stays up late playing games and watching movies with his family. He and his wife, Jayne, reside in the beautiful mountains in Heber Valley with their six children.


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