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Keeping KateKeeping Kate
by Lauren Winder Farnsworth
LDS Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 320 Pages
January 13th 2015 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


Orphan Kate Evans is determined to make a life for herself on a Utah ranch, taking care of a little girl named Addie. But when she meets her irritable employer, Kate is forced to confront the past she's been running from—and face a future she never dreamed possible. This latter-day twist on the classic Jane Eyre is a romantic and gripping read.

You can find some excerpts and teaser for Keeping Kate on the publisher's blog here, here, and here.


My Review

I'm trying to figure out what to rate Keeping Kate. It was an enjoyable read, although more enjoyable for me during the second half of the book when the story felt more original. I liked the characters and the writing was fabulous. I think that if you haven't read Jane Eyre and you love reading LDS romance then you'll really enjoy this one. For me the story felt really similar in plot to the original classic it's based off of. I wanted it to be a story based off the original, but where the author really made it her own. I felt she was more successful at that during the second half of the book. 

I'm still a little torn about the love triangle in this one. I really liked Jonathan even though he did exert some pressure on Kate. He was such a great, straight-forward, sweet guy. I liked that he wasn't torn in his feelings at all towards Kate. Tyler was an interesting character. He had some definite baggage and plenty of faults, but was loyal and loved Kate. I really liked Kate too, even though she was imperfect as well. It was interesting seeing how these three interacted all together and paired off. I loved getting to know sweet, little Addie and Jonathan's two sisters. Charlotte, the housekeeper, also played a role in the story.

There was an inspirational element to the story that was interesting. It was weaved through rather well, I thought. There was also some heartbreak, humor, and plenty of romance, of course.

If you're looking for a sweet romance, with a love triangle, an LDS element, and dealing with loss, forgiveness, and love then give Keeping Kate a try.

Content: Clean (There was some innuendo and references to cheating, but this was definitely clean.)

Source: I would love to thanks the publisher, Cedar Fort, for my complimentary review copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

Lauren Winder FarnsworthAbout the Author

Lauren Winder Farnsworth was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an avid reader, a chocolate enthusiast, a musicophile and a CPA…who somehow also finds time to indulge in her real obsession—writing. She obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the University of Utah, and the only entity that holds more of her heart than her alma mater is her husband, Bryan. Lauren currently lives in South Jordan, Utah, where she spends entirely too time watching Gilmore Girls and looking for excuses not to clean.


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  1. Cali Willette1/29/15, 10:45 AM

    Love recipe books! Looks delicious. <3

  2. I totally agree with you! I enjoyed the characters and the originality more towards the middle and end of the book than the beginning where a lot of back story was explained to make it similar to Jane Eyre. Even though I knew it wouldn't happen, part of me wished that her relationship with Jonathan would work out since I felt like we got to know him better than Tyler.

  3. You had me till "love triangle". I really do not like love triangles!

  4. I normally do not either. Well, unless they are well done. There are a few that have been.

  5. We did get to know Jonathan better than Tyler. I did want more dialogue between Kate and Tyler. It was still an enjoyable read at least. :)

  6. This one was fabulous! :D

  7. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day :) . These recipes
    look really creative!

  8. Even after hearing all you've all said about the first half of the book, I'm curios how she could have kept it inspirational throughout. Maybe it's also because I loved Jane Eyre, but I do want to read this book.

  9. Very true, I have read several that have been done well...but even then they are just so frustrating :). But at least it brings some kind of emotion out of me ;)

  10. They were super yummy and fun!

  11. It wasn't bad by any means. I think I just have high expectations and I wanted more. The inspirational elements were in how she lived and then there was some religious dialogue and some individuals who changed their lives. I hope if you read it that you do like it!


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