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This book revolves around the thought that someone can go back and drop something from the future or change the past. I asked the author, Adrienne Quintana, if she wouldn't mind putting together a list of what she would change in her past. Scroll on down to see what she picked. I definitely agree with a lot of her choices, especially that hairspray one and the reading more books. :)
by Adrienne Quintana
Adult SciFi, Suspense
Paperback288 Pages
January 13th 2015 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


Information terrorism. Complete network blackout. Global panic. Above the chaos, one company rises to restore order, achieving complete political and military takeover: Omnibus.

Stanford graduate and new Omnibus employee Jace Vega faces these sobering images, appearing to show her future, when a cutting-edge Omnibus tablet mysteriously falls into her hands. Reeling from the recent tragic death of her mother, socially reclusive Jace struggles as she carries the weight of this foreknowledge.

When Corey, an acquaintance from Stanford shows up, he becomes central in helping Jace try to stop Omnibus. But because the plan involves getting close to Damien, the charming, smooth son of Omnibus founder, Victor Trent, Jace becomes conflicted with a barrage of new emotions. Both men profess allegiance, but she doesn’t know who she can trust.

As Jace wrestles to understand how to change the future, vivid dreams and waking visions unmask her obscured past and her true identity. In the ultimate test of self-trust, Jace must harness her unique internal power and use it to stop Omnibus.


Tens List
Ten things I would change if I could go back to the past 
By Adrienne Quintana

This book revolves around a thought that someone can go back and drop something from the future or change the past. I asked the author, Adrienne Quintana, if she wouldn't mind putting together a list of what she would change in her past. Here's what she picked (I definitely agree with a lot of these):

1. I would use less hairspray in the 90’s.
2. I would talk back less and be more helpful to my mom.
3. Along the same lines, I would have spent more time having her teach me to cook.
4. I would insist on buying maternity pants with my first born. We were really poor when my husband was in law school, so I just wore his pants through most of the pregnancy. I looked like the Marshmallow Man.
5. I would eradicate the color mustard yellow.
6. I wouldn’t take any dating suggestions from my dad.
7. I would keep better eye contact during dates.
8. I would be kinder to my sisters.
9. I would talk less and listen more.
10. I would read more books.

Adrienne QuintanaAbout the Author

Adrienne Quintana is the second of nine children and has always loved to read. After a mission, marriage, and four children, Adrienne completed her Bachelors of Science and Communication at the University of Phoenix. In the midst of housekeeping, potty-training, and carpooling, Adrienne discovered that she could still find time to accomplish her a life-long dream of becoming a writer.


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  1. Such a beautiful cover on that one, I hope you get it soon!

    out my WOW

  2. Cali Willette1/21/15, 12:30 PM

    I want to read this too. I like the colors in the cover. :)

  3. Alison Flores1/21/15, 2:24 PM

    This does really sound good. I've seen a few books with a similar premise, but not one that was YA. Here's mine ~

  4. I think I would probably go back and change some of the same things she mentioned also. Especially the back talk less and help my mother more. :). Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for the giveaway

  5. Bibliojunkies1/22/15, 9:09 PM

    I just got this one from NetGalley and I CAN'T WAIT to read it. Great pick!


  6. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this book. I actually just thought her first book was ok, but I'm definitely planning on reading this one. Great pick! ~Pam

  7. So glad I'm not alone in that. :)

  8. Me too! I'll be over. Late is better than never, right? ;)

  9. Thanks, Lisa! I did just get the eARC last week, so I'm so excited to start reading it!

  10. It just looks like contemporary YA to me and I like it when covers match what's behind them.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Alison. I'll be over.

  12. Me too, me too!!! :D I hope we both love it!

  13. Thanks, Pam! I hope it ends up being a great book for both of us.

  14. It was really good and I'm excited that there will be another book!


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