Happy Independence Day to the USA!

I just want to shout out a big THANK YOU to those who serve my country and freely sacrifice their time, energy, and sometimes their lives in the support of freedom. I am grateful to live in the country I do and for the freedoms that I enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

I have a special music video to share with you as well. It's beautiful and inspiring and I hope you take a minute, wherever you live, to watch and listen (Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, is on the piano and Jenny Oaks Baker, who is one of my favorite violinists and extremely talented, is on the violin):

 Happy 4th!


  1. Rebecca Kellerman7/4/15, 8:06 AM

    Happy Independence Day everyone! Thank you to all who serve and have served us.

  2. Happy independence day to the USA as well.

  3. Happy 4th of July Tressa!! I hope you have a great day celebrating and having fun! Yay I love this holiday especially fireworks! <3

    DIamond @ dee’s reads

  4. Happy Independence Day, Tressa. Hope you and your family enjoyed a spectacular Fourth of July - and have a happy rest of the holiday weekend. :)

  5. Natalie Carlson Brown7/6/15, 3:39 AM

    Wow, so beautiful! Who knew she could play the piano?! It brought back memories for me of middle school when I would accompany different people at competitions. I'd get so nervous and afraid that I'd mess up. Fortunately, I didn't. It was always fun too. :)


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