Weekly Update #125

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week. I'm linking up to The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer,. I won't be linking up to Stacking the Shelves or Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged this week due to me being out of town, but next week I'll have the books I've added.

This week has been pretty busy for me. I thought I was getting back to being a little bit ahead and then... I wasn't. We also went out of town to attend a small-town rodeo and parade and made some great memories with friends and our kids. We even got to see some bull and bronc riding. It always makes me feel mixed emotions of adrenaline (because it is amazing how they hold on) and nervousness (because it is so freaking dangerous!!!). There were even some youngsters riding some young cows and that really about gave me a heart attack, especially when they almost got trampled on. A few actually did get stepped on, but the ambulance didn't have to be called in, thank goodness.

Things will start to pick up with tours and review book from here through the end of August. I hope you all find something to like and add to your tbrs. Here's what to expect this week:

I'll be a tour review stop for Dancing to an Irish Reel by Claire Fullerton later in the day. This one was a little out of my norm but I found it enjoyable.
Dancing to an Irish Reel

I'll be posting a review for Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson. This is another new-to-me author and one I've been looking forward to reading.
Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

I'll be reviewing Love on a Whim by Aubrey Mace. I'm just about finished with this one and loving it!
Love on a Whim

As usual, I'll be posting for Waiting on Wednesday. I'll also be posting a review of Veils and Vengeance by Rachelle J. Christensen.
Veils and Vengeance (Wedding Planner Mysteries, #2)

I'll be a tour review stop for A Timeless Romance Anthology: Annette Lyon Collection by Annette Lyon. I've enjoyed all of the compilations from this series and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts about this one.
A Timeless Romance Anthology: Annette Lyon Collection

I'll be posting a review of Servant of the Crown by Melissa McShane. This one got a thumbs-up by Author Sherwood Smith and I'm looking forward to sharing what I think.
Servant of the Crown

There are two giveaways going on right now. First is for my monthly giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card and the other is for an ebook copy of The Haunthing of Springett Hall (click below for each giveaway):
 The Haunting of Springett Hall

If you missed the wrap-up for the Silver in the Blood Read-Along or my review, you can go back and check those out.
Join the read-along!

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The High Summer Read-a-Thon hosted by Seasons of Reading will be ending in about a day. I have some updates to add for the weekend and will then be wrapping things up soon.

I'm starting to get ready for my annual Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon! In case you missed the sign-up, you can find it and all the details here:

Did you miss any of these posts from last week?

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  1. So many posts.. I'm really slack at planning ahead at the moment as I'm barely reading what I need to before it's out so then rushing it get it reviewed!

  2. Glad you had fun at the rodeo! it is always good to create good memories. Off to review your review of Silver in the blood now. Hope you visit my Sunday post:


  3. Ohhh, Love On A Whim looks good! Actually all of your books look good! Have a great week and enjoy your reading. Love your blog design by the way.

  4. I love rodeos! It's such a different culture from what I've experienced that it's still a novelty :)

  5. I had to laugh about feeling like you were getting ahead and that not being the case. Story of my life! The rodeo sounds like lots of fun and those kinds of things are probably better than getting your to do list checked off. Or at least that's what I tell myself. Have a great week!

  6. Servant of the Crown sounds really good. And Sherwood Smith approval? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  7. Love On A Whim has a delicious cover! The rodeo sounds fun, I'd love to see one!

  8. A rodeo and parade sounds like a lot of fun! I would feel nervous watching too because you don't want anyone getting hurt. Good to hear there wasn't any serious injuries!
    You have a nice schedule for this week and Love On A Whim sounds really good. I'll have to check out your review.
    Have a great week!

  9. Rodeo's are a lot of fun! I haven't been to one in a long time and my favorites are always the bull and bronc riding. :)


    Week in Review

  10. laura thomas7/26/15, 5:07 PM

    Sounds like the rodeo was a blast. It's nice to cut loose now and then. I thought I was getting caught up too. Then I looked at August and September and my calendar is groaning. Looks like you have a ton of reviews too. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Here's my Sunday Post - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/07/26/whats-new-on-my-bookshelf-118-and-the-sunday-post/

  11. Lisa Mandina7/26/15, 7:20 PM

    I know what you're saying! Every time I think I'm getting ahead, it sneaks up on me and bam, I'm a bit behind again. Hope you have a good week though!

    Check out my STS


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