Review: Summer in Snow Valley by Various Authors

I read the first collection in this series, Christmas in Snow Valley, the end of last year and really enjoyed it! This second collection was another enjoyable addition. Check out all the info and my review below... 

Summer in Snow Valley (Snow Valley Romance Anthologies, #2)Summer in Snow Valley
Adult Contemporary Romance, Christian Romanc, Clean
Paperback & ebook, 724 Pages
June 1st 2015

#1 Bestselling Amazon Authors of Christmas in Snow Valley, have teamed up again with six wonderful summer novellas that are sure to make your summer sweet and sassy!

Catching Caytie by Amazon Top Seller Cindy Roland Anderson

On the night Caytie Holbrook intends to break up with her cheating boyfriend, he blindsides her by announcing their engagement at a dinner party. When Caytie discovers her father is in on the scheme, she runs away from her home in Beverly Hills to hide out at her uncle’s ranch in Snow Valley, Montana. While Snow Valley is a beautiful place, Caytie only plans to stay until her twenty-fifth birthday when she’ll inherit a trust fund her grandmother left her, allowing her to pursue her dream to move to Italy. That is until she meets Jace McAllister, an incredibly sexy—although somewhat grumpy—cowboy who threatens to disrupt her plans.

Tin Foil Tiaras by Amazon Top Seller Jeanette Lewis

Cameron Elliott has come to Snow Valley to coach Annalisa Drake in the Miss Snow Valley pageant, and prove to her demanding boss that she deserves a place at the prestigious Westbrooke Agency. But Annalisa’s handsome and protective big brother, Kyle, is determined to keep his sister from becoming a reluctant beauty queen. As Cameron tries to win Kyle over, Kyle insists some things are more valuable than a title and as crazy as it sounds, Cameron might just believe him.

A Touch of Love by Amazon Top Seller Cami Checketts

Annie Stirland has endured a lifetime of teasing, embarrassment, and isolation due to her speech impediment. When irresistible cowboy, Luke Wilson, seems to be falling for her, she’s certain he’s too good to be true. A tragedy involving his ex-girlfriend proves she’s right. What man can resist sheltering someone they once loved? Annie knows she should walk away, but Luke isn’t ready to give her up.

First Love by Amazon Top Seller Taylor Hart

Janet Snow doesn’t expect to get caught in a full-blown make out session at her brother’s wedding. Especially not with Michael Hamilton, the boy she’d written off ten years ago. Even though they both agree to no complications, Janet's not sure they can stick to it given their past. After a trip to the hot springs, a helicopter ride, and a proposal, even the most cautious single mother would start to wonder if true love really is just about the timing. Now Janet has to make a choice—play it safe or trust that her first love could also be her last.

Romancing Rebecca by Amazon Top Seller, Kimberley Montpetit

Rebecca Dash loved spending her teen summers swooning over Jane Austin and helping her aunt at the Starry Skies Bed & Breakfast in Snow Valley. But as a recent college grad, she’d rather write sappy romance novels than go out with guys that make her a nervous wreck. When a team of fire-fighters set up camp on the lawns of the B&B and Captain Wade catches her eye, Becca soon learns that there’s more to a happily-ever-after than a flirty firemen with muscles the size of the Montana hills.

Love in Light and Shadow by Amazon Top Seller Lucy McConnell

Mercedes O'Shay has sworn off gorgeous men because they have a tendency to break her heart. When she meets her new neighbor, Chet Bauer, she immediately puts him in the Do Not Date category based on his well-defined muscles and stunning blue eyes. But the more Mercedes learns about the cowboy who reads classics and forges iron, the more she realizes the heart doesn't see in black and white; it sees light and shadows.

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My Review

This was another enjoyable addition to the short stories set in Snow Valley, Montana. I loved coming back to this little town with it's picturesque views, small-town life, and some good-looking men, including some rough and rugged cowboys. There are six stories contained in this collection. Here's what I thought of each one...

Catching Caytie by Cindy Roland Anderson

I really enjoyed this one! I immediately connected with the characters. I also thoroughly enjoyed the banter and romantic tension between Jace and Caytie. I had a good laugh in a few spots too. The end was a little too convoluted in some ways, but it all worked out.

Tin Foil Tiaras by Jeanette Lewis

I thought this one was really cute. I liked how Cameron and Kyle got off to a rough start and how Cameron changed her views on some things by the end of the story. I did feel this one had some depth that didn't get fully delved into due to the length, but still a great story.

A Touch of Love by Cami Checketts

This was a really sweet story. The love happens pretty quick, but is driven by a strong attraction and connection between Annie and Luke from the beginning. There was definitely a lot of sweet words and kisses.

First Love by Taylor Hart

This was probably one of the ones that I liked the most out of all the stories in this compilation. I've always had a thing about former love or lost love and two people being reunited. It also helped this one not feel like insta-love. Then you add to the situation two characters that both had been through so much, adding depth to the story, as well as that I just loved them and you've got a great story. The ending was quite sweet as well.

Romancing Rebecca by Kimberley Montpetit

This one cracked me up! The main character, Rebecca, did feel younger to me than her age from how she acted, but it was still rather entertaining. I enjoyed the journey of her figuring things out even though I could tell what the outcome would be. I also loved the secondary romance. A fun and sweet addition to this collection.

Love in Light and Shadow by Lucy McConnell

This story was probably the one I liked the most from this collection. There were so many parts that just made me laugh outright. Plenty of swoon-worthy moments as well with some almost-kisses. I loved Chet and sisters Mercy and Cat. Chet's family also made this story for me. They were just great all around with their teasing, support, and love. They added a lot of personality to the story. Definitely a favorite.

If you enjoy reading sweet romance and like shorter stories that are light, fun, and romantic then I'd recommend Summer in Snow Valley. There was also an inspirational aspect to some of the stories, but not in a preachy way. I'm looking forward to coming back to Snow Valley for more stories soon!

Content: Clean

Source: I received a complimentary copy from one of the authors for the purposes of this review, which did not affect the opinions shared in any way.

Do you enjoy reading novella compilations set in small towns?

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