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Welcome to my tour stop for Guardians of the Heart by Loree Lough! Loree is sharing the second part of her short story, A Promise to Jake. You can read the first part here. And don't forget to enter the giveaway below as well...

Guardians of the Heart
(Secrets on Sterling Street, #2)
by Loree Lough
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 272 pages
August 3rd 2015 by Whitaker House


Nell Holstrom wanted no part of her grandfather's barren gold mine that had taken the lives of her mother, father, and younger brother; even if there may still be hidden wealth inside. Instead, she went to Denver and took a job as housekeeper at the old Stone Hill Inn.

Asa Stone was barely more than a boy when his father dragged him and his brothers to fight with Colonel John Chivington. But Asa refused to participate in the raid on the peaceful Cheyenne and Arapahoe; and when the smoke cleared, his father and brother lay among the slaughtered. Besieged by guilt, Asa wandered the West for years before returning to Denver to rebuild the old inn he'd inherited. 

Together, Nell and Asa work hard to restore Stone Hill. But when disaster hits the inn, Asa retreats into despair and Nell is forced to return to her family's mine. Asa faces the hard fact: He'll never be the man Nell deserves. Can he overcome the dark secrets of his past? And will Nell still love him when she learns the truth?


Other Books in the Series

Currency of the Heart
(Secrets on Sterling Street, #1)
by Loree Lough
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 pages
January 1st 2015 by Whitaker House


Young widow Shaina Sterling hates living a lie. Desperate to keep bill collectors from the door, she secretly sells valuable possessions piece by piece, and hopes Denver’s elite never discover that his lavish lifestyle left her a near pauper.

She’s unaware that as her husband lay dying, successful rancher Sloan Remington made him a promise. And Sloan guards her secrets
as carefully as he looks after her safety.

When fire devours Sterling Hall, leaving her homeless and penniless, he brings her to Remington Ranch to manage his household. His kindness makes Shaina beholden to him … and threatens to expose the secret that could destroy him.

Will trials and tragedies bring Sloan and Shaina together?
Or will secrets—and the cost of exposing them—drive them apart forever?


Short Story, Part 3

A “Just for You” short story to enjoy: A Promise to Jake by Loree Lough

  Storyline: When a mysterious package arrives shortly before Christmas, a wealthy author is 
  forced to remember what's truly important about the holy day…and about life.

"Homer, schweetheart," Bobby said, "so what's up with your answering machine? I've been trying to get hold of you for days."
"Don't have one up here." Don't want one, don't need one.
"Letterman's people have been hounding me all week. They want you, baby, want you bad."
"Once upon a time, I would have jumped at an invitation to hawk a book-turned-movie on Dave's show. But things are different now. I'm different now."

"Well, that's true.” Bobby snickered. “Remember the time you stood Letterman up? Lucky for you he doesn’t hold a grudge."
Homer had gained his fame with gritty detective novels, but the story of Jake's angel had come straight from his heart, and touched a national nerve.
"Homer. Baby. We're talking big bucks here."
"Y'know, not so long ago, a statement like that would have dilated my pupils. Now, it means next to nothing." If big bucks hadn’t been the center of his world, maybe he’d have a rich life, a loving wife, couple of kids and grandkids.... "I like the way I live,” he lied. “Things are simple, uncomplicated."
"But Homer, the publicity...."
He'd said the same thing five years ago, when Tri-Adon made the offer to turn Jake's Angel into a major motion picture. Homer had agreed to sign, on one condition:
Profits from the book and the movie would create a national organization to provide loving homes for parentless kids. Nobody, not even Homer, had expected Jake's Angel to set box office records, earning enough to build a Paradise House in dozens of cities, each staffed by child-care specialists known as "Jake's Angels".
Jake would have loved the irony.
"About Letterman…."
Homer laughed quietly. "Sure. Why not. Dave can write a check to Paradise House instead of Homer O'Tuathail...on the air. Talk about publicity!"
Bobby sighed. "So what are you working on?"
"Down, boy," Homer said. "You'll have the manuscript before it’s due on my editor’s desk."
"I wasn't worried."
Chuckling, Bobby said, "What do you do up there in that tiny cabin all by yourself?"
West Virginia's Yew Mountains provided some of the most satisfying vistas Homer had ever seen, and thanks to his success, he'd seen most of the world. "This and that," he said, knowing full well that if he admitted how much he enjoyed stacking wood, tending his vegetables, writing stories, Bobby wouldn’t believe him anyway.
"Mind if I ask you a serious question?" Bobby asked.
Homer chuckled. "Long as you don't mind hearing it's none of your business."
"What's with you lately? I mean, seriously. You used to love livin’ in the fast lane, seeing your face on supermarket tabloids, throwing wild parties, pretty girl on each arm. You were the envy of every red-blooded American male."
It had taken a lifetime, but Homer had finally found his place in the world. Looking up at the Buster Brown shoebox on the shelf above his desk, he smiled. Material things? Parties? Women? These past two years, he’d lived well, better than ever, without them. He took a deep breath of clean mountain air, let it out slowly.
"Let's just say…I'm keeping a promise to Jake."

About the Author

With 105 books (5,000,000+ copies in circulation!), best-selling author Loree Lough's stories have been compared to those by Nicholas Sparks, and she has been dubbed by readers and reviewers as “a gifted writer whose stories touch hearts and change lives.”

With a long list of industry awards, it isn't likely this prolific author will ever retire...not even to her cozy li'l cabin in the Allegheny Mountains. She loves to hear from her readers and personally answers every letter sent to

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