Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon: Wednesday's Update

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Today was a better reading day. I finished Concealed in the Shadows (the review will post right after this one and includes a giveaway)am up to chapter 19 in The Book of Broken Hearts, and started My Own Mr. Darcy

Blogs visited: 5
Books currently reading: None.
Today's finished book(s): Infinityglass
Total finished books: 1/2
Titles of finished books: Infinityglass

Blogs visited: 20
Challenge post visited: Yes
Books currently reading: Concealed in the Shadows
Today's finished book(s): The Perfect Guy
Total finished books: 1 1/2
Titles of finished books: The Perfect Guy and Infinityglass

Blogs visited: 12
Author post visited: Yes
Books currently reading: Up to ~page 69 in Concealed in the Shadows and up to chapter seven of The Book of Broken Hearts
Today's finished book(s): None
Total finished books: 1 1/2
Titles of finished books: The Perfect Guy and Infinityglass

Blogs visited: 14
Challenge post visited: Yes
Books currently reading: The Book of Broken Hearts, My Own Mr. Darcy
Today's finished book(s): Concealed in the Shadows
Total finished books: 2 1/2
Titles of finished books: Concealed in the Shadows, The Perfect Guy, and Infinityglass

What do we have going on today? We have a fabulous cover reveal:

Spy for a Spy, the sequel to I, Spy, will be released November 12, 2013 (11-12-13!)


Canada is probably the last place you’d expect to find an American spy. And it was the last place CIA operative Talia Reynolds expected to run into fellow operative Brand Copley. AKA her new boss. AKA her ex-boyfriend.

Just the guy every woman wants to face in the middle of planning her wedding. Once again, Talia’s lying to the man she loves, but this time, to protect his heart.

After Brand takes over Talia’s latest case and steals her newest agent, he assigns her to spy on her old boss—who’s suddenly giving her every reason not to trust him. With only weeks until the big day, planning falls by the wayside as she goes into damage control mode. But when Talia discovers Brand’s real motives, fighting him is the only option, no matter what the personal and professional cost.

Check out Jordan’s blog for your first chance to get a sneak preview and to enter the giveaway! You can also check out Laura's blog for the more information as well.

Let me know what you read on Wednesday and then go check out their posts!

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