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The Practical Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for EmergenciesThe Practical Prepper
A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies
by Kylene and Jonathan Jones
Paperback368 Pages
July 8th 2014 by Cedar Fort


Earthquakes, hurricanes, civil unrest, economic challenges - no one knows when disaster may strike. Will you be ready? The Practical Prepper is a common-sense guide to emergency preparedness and survival written for real people with real lives. This must-have reference book walks the reader through each step of emergency preparedness covering everything from cooking in a crisis, to home security and protection, to emergency water disinfection. You can be prepared for the challenges the future holds. The Practical Prepper will show you how.

My Review

I grew up and still live in an area that can see some pretty disastrous flash floods and damaging storms at certain times of the year. We grew up knowing where the candles were in case the electricity, or power as we called it, went out. My parents also always tried to have some essentials ready in case of an emergency.

There are still these dangers and a need to be prepared, but I almost feel like there are more disasters to be prepared for now than there was then and a lot of information out there. It can feel a little overwhelming to figure out exactly what my family should be doing now to be prepared for various events that we might face.
 "We have spent hundreds of hours researching and many more experimenting at home with our own family. We can tell you what works for us and what the research states. Every home and family situation is unique and will require personal experimentation to discover which options will work best for their situation."  ~ p. 3
The Practical Prepper is all about how to be prepared for any catastrophe that we might face. I really, really loved how the book was organized! I loved how much information was included, but I felt it was concise enough that it wasn't overwhelming and included plenty of options so that I could personalize things to my own family and our needs and likes. Do I feel I absorbed it all? No. There was a wealth of information provided, some of which I've learned before, some of which I had forgotten, and some that was new to me. 

The Practical Prepper is a really good resource. I'm planning on taking my family and home through several of the sections, or at least part of them and the "action plans," to make sure that our home is secure and that we have survival kits ready to go, among other things.

If you're interested in being more prepared or looking for a preparedness resource, I would definitely recommend The Practical Prepper. I know it will be helping my family to be better prepared.

Source: From the publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Authors

Jon Kylene author photo online 300x247 About UsJonathan is a licensed civil engineer and an avid enthusiast of alternative energy sources, especially solar and wind power. He has served as vice president and advisory board member of The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA), as secretary/treasurer for a local chapter of Civil Defense Volunteers, and as an emergency preparedness and communications specialist. As a city councilperson, has been tasked with developing the city emergency plan in his own community. He has coauthored numerous articles with his wife on emergency preparedness topics and published them in The Journal of Civil Defense. He is the owner of Your Family Ark, LLC, an education and consulting business designated to assist individuals and families in preparing for an uncertain future ( 

Kylene has an educational background in business management and family studies. She has also served on the advisory board and on the board of directors for TACDA and is currently the editor for The Journal of Civil Defense. She has a passion for researching and experimenting, which adds a sense of real life to her writing and teaching. A firm believer in hands-on learning, she involves her family in emergency training for everything from fire drills to living off food storage and garden produce to turning off the power in the dead of winter just to see if they can survive it. She’s learned many powerful lessons from these experiences, the best one being that we are tougher than any challenge. We will not only survive but will emerge better, stronger people as a result of the adventure.

Jonathan and Kylene make a dynamic combination. Together they have presented in a wide variety events, including community education courses, educational seminars, preparedness fairs, employee education programs, and community classes. With Jonathan’s extensive knowledge and Kylene’s high-energy personality, they have a unique talent for taking a relatively boring topic and turning it into an exciting quest, motivating audiences to join the ranks of provident preppers.


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  1. Snow storms and thunder storms.

  2. Zonell Conant7/23/14, 8:42 PM


  3. Hurricane. It is vital to be ready in case the inevitable happens, be prepared.

  4. I don't like hurricanes either. Not that I've experienced one, but I'm okay not doing so in my lifetime. Yes, I think it's always best to be prepared. :)

  5. I hope that is something I never have to deal with, but it's good to know what to do anyway.

  6. Rita Spratlen7/24/14, 1:10 PM

    We have earthquakes. We have storms with wind speeds that are like tornados. We have fires going now in Oregon.

  7. I definitely can't complain about the bad dust storm we had today with that!

  8. We get ice storms and blizzards. Our house faces high winds annually that take shingles off the roof. We have also had hurricanes. Nearby we have had houses explode, and live near train tracks where goddess only knows what is transported. If Lac Megantic happened here we'd have been too close for comfort.

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. Yep, I'm totally spoiled with our weather which is only temperamental sometimes.

  10. Wow this book is very timely! :) Looking forward to reading it too! <3

  11. It seems that way a lot these days, unfortunately. It is a great resource. :)


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