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Sofia over at Take a Walk on the Write Side tagged me for the Cake Book Tag. I don't normally participate in these, but I'm going to go ahead and answer the questions. I'm just not going to tag anyone. So, here goes...

FLOUR: A book that was a little bit slow to start off but really picked up as it went along.
Hmm. I would definitely say The Caller fits this. It did meander along at the beginning, but then the intensity shot up and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
The Caller (Shadowfell, #3)

MARGARINE: A book that had a rich, great plot.
Out of what I have most recently read, I would definitely choose Mortal Heart. Fabulous plot!
Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

EGGS: A book you thought was going to be bad but actually turned out quite enjoyable.
I haven't really grabbed any books that I thought were going to be bad. I mean, I try to avoid those from the beginning. I do, however, have one that I wanted to read and was curious enough to sign up for its tour so that I could get an early review copy while also being concerned that it might not be all that great. Come to find out, I loved it and it was surprisingly good! That would be Storm Siren.
Storm Siren (Storm Siren, #1)

SUGAR: A sugary, sweet book.
Out of what I've recently read, The Januray Bride for sure. This whole set is sugary sweet, but I think they're all fun stories. :)
A January Bride (A Year of Weddings, #2)

ICING: A book that covered every single element that you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.)
Oh man! I already use Mortal Heart. Do I have to choose one? I'll cheat here and pick Illusions of Fate and Champion.
Illusions of Fate Champion (Legend, #3)

SPRINKLES: A book series that you can kind of turn back to for a little pick me up when you're feeling down.
So these aren't from a series, but they are from the same author: Edenbrooke and Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson. They are so good and make me so happy!!!

THE CHERRY ON TOP: Your favorite book this year so far.
This is a hard one. Really. Hard. I'm going to limit this to books published this year so it narrows my selection down a little. Even then, there are so many favorites... I'm going to separate this into a pick for Christian fiction and then one for general fiction. Here they are:
Meant to be Mine (A Porter Family Novel, #2) Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3)

I think this is missing some baking powder (like an explosive read) and salt (a book that was definitely worth the read and you'd recommend that everyone should read). Just some thoughts...

How about you? Which of your recent reads would fit under one of these ingredients?

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