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Painting KissesPainting Kisses
by Melanie Jacobson
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook240 Pages
October 1st, 2014 by Covenant Communications


Lia Carswell is good at what she does, even if it isn't as glamorous as her old artist life in Manhattan. The popular waitress works hard in a small Salt Lake City diner, with the goal of easing her sister's financial strain. And with her witty personality and good looks, she's something of an enigma to the male customers who vie for her attention. Ever the professional, Lia keeps her distance, with one exception. Aidan is a breakfast regular, and his gentle, clever teasing draws Lia's attention and builds an easy rapport between them, though Lia would never let their relationship get serious, especially since he's not the only one trying to catch her eye. Her handsome neighbor Griff has been hinting that he wants more than a neighborly relationship.

Then her old New York artist life comes knocking, and an offer is made for a series of commissioned paintings. Lia knows it would ensure financial security for her family, but she doesn't know if she wants that life anymore. When she undertakes one final project, she reawakens her heart and soul. And as she finds herself falling in love and needing an outlet more and more, she realizes her paintings might be her saving grace.


My Review

Melanie Jacobson is one of my favorite authors. Her books tend to have some fabulous dialogue and wit that always endears me to them as well as her characters. Painting Kisses is no exception. It is definitely a story I will re-read in the future.

I will say it is one of her heavier stories. There aren't the usual laugh-out-loud moments that some of her other books are filled with, but I appreciated seeing a different side of this author. Her characters had some serious depth to them and had some former pain that they needed to deal with before they could open their hearts. 

What won me over was the fabulous dialogue between Lia, the MC, and those around her, especially Aidan. I also came to love these amazing down-to-earth characters who were also so talented. I particularly fell in love with Lia's niece. She was such a sweet and tender little girl and I loved her relationship with her mother, her aunt, and others she gets to know. I also found the painting and how Lia gets lost in her art quite genuine and interesting. Towards the end my heart about broke, but then the ending made up for it all.

I would highly recommend Painting Kisses to those who enjoy reading sweet romance that has some depth, witty dialogue, and likable characters. It was full of friendship, family, 
colorful and full descriptions (she is an artist), forgiveness, the risk of heartbreak, and love. I can't wait to find out what Jacobson will be writing next!

Content: Clean

Source: I would like to thank the publisher, Covenant Communications, for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Author

Melanie Bennett Jacobson is an avid reader, amateur cook, and champion shopper. She consumes astonishing amounts of chocolate, chick flicks, and romance novels. After meeting her husband online, she is now living happily married in Southern California with her growing family and a series of doomed houseplants. Melanie is a former English teacher and a popular speaker who loves to laugh and make others laugh. In her down time (ha!), she writes romantic comedies for Covenant and maintains her humorous slice-of-life blog. Her sixth full-length novel, Painting Kisses, hits shelves in October.

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  1. Great list! Added Mortal Heart and the others in the series to my to-read list! I agree with Edenbrooke and Blackmoore- I've lost count as to how many times I've re-read those books! My flour would be Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay, margarine was The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton, eggs- Love's Fortune by Laura Frantz (didn't think it would be bad, but the previous book in the series was 3 stars for me), sugar- All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes by Betsy St. Amant, Icing- Tried and True by Mary Connealy, the cherry... It Had to Be You by

    Susan May Warren.

  2. Brilliant choice .... ;) There is nothing there that I wouldn't be happy to pick up and read !!! :D

    Thanks for entering the cake challenge and for sharing with us .... I just wish it was a real cake lol!!! I'm in the mood for a bit of sweetness today :P

  3. I'll just warn you that His Fair Assassin series has mature content. The first one and third book (Mortal Heart) had sexual content. The second book was the least clean of them all. So they may not be for you.

    I LOVED Dear Mr. Knightley. Loved Lizzy & Jane too by Katherine and love her! :) Haven't read The Pursuit... yet or Love's Fortune. I've read the others and loved them too, especially It Had to Be You. That was almost my pick instead of Meant to Be Mine.

    Thanks for sharing, Heidi!

  4. Glad you liked my choices.

    Lol! I know what you mean about wanting something sweet. I'm actually eating some homemade upside down mounds right now. :)

  5. You can put the shut right up to the up - just now!!!

    I'm dying for a bit of cake or something ... unfortunately it's just gonna be me, the vodka, the chips (sour cream and onion lays) and then the Ben and Jerry's later lol!!! :D

    What can I say - except really it's a night made in heaven lol!! :P Well except for the cake ..... :(

  6. Lol!!! Was that totally mean of me to mention I was eating that?? ;) I do have a terrible soft spot for potato chips, especially sour cream and onion, and for Ben & Jerry's. So I'm not feeling too guilty here.

    I made this stuff this week for my son's cub scout group, but it wasn't ready on time and so we've been trying to eat it up all week and I need it gone by the end of Sunday because then I'm starting a no sugar at all during the week except twice on the weekends thing and eating better and exercising and all that... :)

  7. You must really have crappy friends and neighbours ... if I thought there was any chance of cake - I would be round to your place like a shot !!! :D

    I finished the Lays ... but had some Cassava and Sweet Potatoes in the pantry .... so I'm now eating cassava & sp. chips with garlic and onion salt .... oh it's bliss!!! :P

    Still .... the best bit is still to come - B&J are still awaiting some attention in the freezer lol!! :D

    BTW ... sugar is good for you - remember it's all things in moderation !!! A little sugar will give you the energy to get through the day and also take a little walk or gentle exercise!!!

    OK - so I don't know the meaning of gentle, I sail, surf and run daily lol!! However, one thing I do know is that you don't cut anything out of your diet, just take it easy and spread the wealth or so to speak!!

    I really hate the diets that say you have to cut out any food group!! Just be cautious in what you eat - ensure a balanced diet and exercise daily (gently if you're not used to it) !!!

    All it takes is a 20 minute walk / jog with the dog. parrot, gerbil or husband lol!! Or maybe join in a belly dancing class - You'll both get the benefit of that one and believe me it's worth it !!!

    ***** See note at the end of post!!

    Just keep on eating and moving (carefully). You can make your body burn with whatever exercise or fun times that you can accomplish and it will only give back (to you) untold benefits !!! :D

    ***** Notice when I was talking earlier about exercise - I never mentioned the pet cat!!!!

    That's because cats in general are far more intelligent than the average human and just do whatever they have to do to survive .... whilst laughing at said humans and professed owners / friends of the relevant aforementioned felines :P

    It is rare that the aforementioned feline species will intercede in the fate of any human .... but it still happens, rarely - but still there's hope ...............

  8. I LOVE her! Great review! Cannot wait to read it!

  9. Laura BurgandyIce10/26/14, 7:09 AM

    Nice. I love hearing about a book you loved... makes me want to read it!! :-D

  10. Charlie Anderson10/26/14, 12:34 PM

    I love the connections and references to cake ingredients. The Julianne Donaldson books have caught my eye!

  11. This sounds darling. I'll have to remember it for Christmas lists or future Amazon ordering. ;)

  12. They're so good, Charlie! Even if you don't love historical fiction, they're really good and definitely worth reading! :)

  13. Lol! I do need to exercise more and I definitely won't completely ever go without sugar, specifically chocolate. :)

  14. It was such a fun book! :)

  15. Lol! I have found that I do have more issues writing a review for a book when I didn't love it or feel strongly in some way about it. This was a good one. The fact that the MC was an artist brought a lot to the story.

  16. I think you'd really like this one, Rissi.


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