Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites is changing, although it really already has. It's no longer going to be a weekly meme since it seems that I've been posting a favorite about once or twice a month, at most. It's now going to become a spontaneous post that you'll see only on Fridays that spotlights a favorite author, book, series, publisher, cover, blog, etc. Basically whatever bookish thing that that I have found and loved, would recommend, or want to tell you all about. You can still share a favorite of yours when I do post. You can see an archive of Friday Favorites posts here.

I don't have a favorite to share, again. You will see one coming up next week though. I have some favorite covers I need to share. :)

Do you have a favorite to share this week?


  1. All of your Christmas book post make me even more excited for Christmas! I am glad this one was so great. I like the idea of a scripture advent calendar!

  2. These books this week did the same to me - made me get excited for Christmas. This was a very fun and sweet book.


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