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Beam n ReadBeam N Read
Hands Free Travel and Reading Light

New edition Beam n Read Hands-Free Light delivers a wide & bright light that lights up 2 book pages and doesn’t disturb others. It’s a true reading light that works with all printed books, Kindles and other eReaders (whether naked, skinned, or covered), PLUS newspapers, magazines, newsletters, loose documents, and other items that can’t support a clip-on light. Worn around the neck, there’s no need to shift it when reading paperbacks.

Included are two 2 special Relaxation Filters: BNR Orange for a softer, warmer light that blocks energizing blue light (especially useful when reading to relax in bed); BNR Red to block blue light and reduce ambient light for sensitive bed partners.

Standard alkaline AA batteries (not included) last an extra long 100 hours, far longer than flashlights and clip-on lights resulting in a lower cost to use (and fewer batteries in the trash). This light is still bright when others have gone dim. Save batteries for when you’re on the go with the optional USB/AC Power Kit with 12 ft of cable that lets you plug into the included USB/AC adapter. Or plug into a USB car adapter/charger, or a computer USB port, or a USB adapter/charger for cell phones, etc.

In addition to reading, this 3 LED hands-free light is great for crafts, travel, and walking in dim or dark places such as an attic, basement, or around the house during a power outage. Use it for writing journals, working, camping, changing diapers at night, and a lot more.

  • For hands free personal light anywhere; extra bright light is easy on the eyes; doesn’t disturb others
  • Wide light from 3 LEDs in a row lights up 2 book pages; works with ALL Kindles, eReaders
  • BNR Orange Relaxation Filter softens and warms the cool LED light and blocks energizing blue light
  • BNR Red Relaxation Filter blocks blue light, reduces ambient light, & helps maintains night vision
  • Alkaline AA batteries (not incl) last Extra Long 100 hours, 3-10x longer than most clip-on lights
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“I’ve never liked clip-on book lights because they add weight to the book, sometimes fall off, make it awkward to hold the book, and interfere with page turning. The Beam N Read has none of these problems, making them a pleasure to use” –

“The red filter is my favorite. My hubby doesn’t like when I turn on a bright reading light in the dark…It cuts down ambient light, making everyone happy.” –

“The Beam N Read is by far the best personal reading light we have ever come across,” – Scott Carmichael, Executive Editor,

My Review

Reading in the dark or when travelling is definitely something I get frustrated with sometimes. I like turning off all the lights at night when the kids and husband are in bed and reading for a little bit before I go to bed. When I have my Kindle, I can just turn on my attached light, but for other books, I have to find other lighting that isn't too harsh for my eyes and doesn't light up the house too much, but is good to read by. 

The Beam N Read was great for this! I could change the angle according to my needs. The regular light was great in keeping my awake when I needed to read a certain amount before I stopped, unlike some of the house lights or other lights that are too dim and make it harder to read and make me sleepy as well. I also tried the two filters, which were effective. They did make me more tired, but they also made the light not as bright if I was reading next to my husband for a few minutes in bed while he was trying to go to sleep. I didn't feel a huge difference between the red and orange filters, but they did seem to do what they were supposed to. I did find the regular, unfiltered light the best.

My only complaint would be that the neck-strap was a little too long and easily slid bigger after I shortened it. I would like it to lock in some way so that it would stay where I wanted it to and be slightly more comfortable. I still made it work and it has been really nice having around to use, which I have been doing quite a bit lately. I would recommend the Beam N Read to those who read a lot like I do at night or in the car.

Source: From the tour hose, which did not affect my review in any way.

Also Available

Beam N Read USB/AC Power Kit

Beam n Read USB Adapter

Save batteries for when you’re on the go or the next power outage with the Beam n Read Accessory USB Power Kit.

It works with all Beam n Read LED Hands-Free lights (3 and 6 LED lights).

In addition to the adapter’s 6 foot BnR to USB cable, this kit includes an additional 6 foot USB extension cord letting you work up to 12 feet from a USB-A socket. Need a longer cable? – just add a standard USB extension cable. Use the included USB/AC adapter or a USB DC car adapter/charger, or a computer’s USB port, or the USB adapter/charger for your cell phone, e-reader, etc. You may leave batteries in the Beam n Read or take them out to make a super lightweight light.

Please note this kit is for external power adapter and will not recharge batteries.

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  1. Perfect for mobile reading. Great giveaway. <3

  2. I agree that there were plenty of disappointments and surprises in book three. And I am definitely eager to read the next book and see what happens with Sophronia and her friends. The title of the next book interests me mightily. Much to think about there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. When I wrote my review I forgot to mention the neck straps that don't stay in place. Great review.

  4. Alright, then. I think I just need start it already and quit being so worried about it. I am going to open up book 1 on my Kindle now. Sophronia sounds like my kind of MC, and the kind that YA is in dire need of these days. I am getting more excited for whats to come with this series!

  5. Great review. I haven't read any steampunk novels, only seen a few movies in the genre.

  6. I shared your disappointment! Oddly though, it didn't ruin my taste for the book. I think at this point, I love the story and characters so much that the disappointment actually drew me in rather than frustrate me. I can't wait for the fourth book!

  7. This was my favorite book in the series so far. I liked the added seriousness, but I loved the quirky humor, too. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I can't believe it's a whole year away!

  8. I still loved this book, but as you said, there were a few disappointments. I love the other surprises, though. And I can't wait for the fourth book!


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