Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

Is it cold where you are? We'll be having gorgeous weather here. We're talking the high being around 80 degrees. Sometimes I feel spoiled living in Arizona and sometimes I just feel hot. Lol! 

I've been reading quite a few Christmas-themed books lately, have been stuffing envelopes with our Christmas cards, and also just finished the bulk of my Christmas shopping, so I've been anticipating Thanksgiving so I could start putting up all our Christmas decorations. Really, I'm looking forward to spending time with family and having the kids and husband home for a long weekend. It's the beginning of my favorite time of the year!

I have a million things to be grateful for. Every year I like to list some of those things. Here they are:
  1. My family. I love them so much!
  2. My faith. I wouldn't be where I am without it.
  3. Being healthy and provided for.
  4. Living close to family and friends.
  5. Living in a free country.
  6. The love of reading!!!
  7. Fabulous and easily accessible libraries.
  8. Getting to blog about books and such.
  9. Having other fabulous bloggers and friends to associate with online.
  10. The fabulous publishers and authors who produce lovable and fantastic books.
I hope that wherever you are, it's a great day for you. If you live in the US, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! Watch some football, eat some great food, spend time with family and friends, and remember to be thankful! :)

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