#TackleTBR Day 6 Update for September 19th

The Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon is hosted by me (Tressa) here at Wishful Endings. It runs for two weeks, in which we all hope to have a blast with challenges, giveaways, and, most importantly, a ton of reading! See all the details, sign up, see the full schedule, and enter the giveaway here, share your goals (if you didn't on your sign-up) here, and join the Goodreads group here.


We're at the weekend! I hope you guys have been enjoying it! :D

On the schedule today...
Do you like fairy tales, especially ones with plenty of pun and twists? If you haven't read any of Alethea Kontis' books yet, you're missing out. She's hosting a giveaway for her latest Arilland book, Twixter (I have a copy waiting for me to read on my shelves - see how badly I need to get some reading done during this read-a-thon?!!). Go check it out on her site.

Saturday, September 19th (Day 6)
I had so much going on today with tours starting and stopping and other non-related-readathon blogging stuff, plus sick kiddos... Well, my reading still suffered. I pushed through to 100 pages though. Aonther book to review for Sunday.

I did visit everyone who linked up their goals and started on those who signed up, so over 30 bloggers/readers. Normally I've visited everyone by the third day, but I just haven't had time this RAT. If I haven't stopped by yet, I will be. :) I've also been active on the Goodreads group and that has been going really well.

Challenge/Giveaway: I stopped over at Jordan McCollum's blog to participate in her Spy Challenge. It was really fun. :) I didn't actually enter (I don't enter any of these), but I liked seeing which ones I knew and which ones I had to look up. Head on over if you missed it.
Read: 94 pages (finished) of Finding Peace and 29 pages of Out of the Ashes
Pages Read: 123
Total Books Read: 4
Total Pages Read: 1,314
Finished Books: Ash & BrambleBearskinNot Without YouFinding Peace

Let me know how you did here in comments or on the Goodreads group page here

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