Lies Jane Austen Told Me by Julie Wright (Review)

Lies Jane Austen Told Me
(Proper Romance)
by Julie Wright
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 320 Pages
November 7th 2017 by Shadow Mountain


Ever since Emma read Pride and Prejudice, she's been in love with Mr. Darcy and has regarded Jane Austen as the expert on all things romantic. So naturally when Emma falls for Blake Hampton and he invites her home to meet his parents, she is positive an engagement is in her future. After all, Blake is a single man in possession of a good fortune, and thus must be in want of a wife.

But when it turns out that what Blake actually wants is more of a hook-up than a honeymoon, Emma is hurt, betrayed, and furious. She throws herself deeper into her work as CMO of Kinetics, the fastest growing gym franchise in the nation. She loves her work, and she's good at it, which is why she bristles when her boss brings in a consultant to help her spearhead the new facilities on the East Coast. Her frustration turns to shock when that consultant turns out to be Blake's younger brother, Lucas.

Emma is determined not to fall for Lucas, but as she gets to know him, she realizes that Lucas is nothing like his brother. He is kind and attentive and spends his time and money caring for the less fortunate.

What she can't understand is why Lucas continues to try to push her back into Blake's arms when he so clearly has fallen as hard for her as she has fallen for him.

Realizing that her love life is as complicated as anything Jane Austen could have dreamed up, Emma must find a way to let Blake know that it's time for him to let her go and to let Lucas know it's time for him to love her back.

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My Review

LIES JANE AUSTEN TOLD ME is a sweet contemporary romance with plenty of nods to Austen. The characters are fun, as is the story. An overall light chick-lit for Austen fans.

I'm a huge Austen fan and love stories based on hers. This one sounded like it was going to have plenty of puns and tongue-in-cheek moments that I would understand, but with plenty of new twists. I did enjoy all the nods to Austen and I did like the characters. Lucas is just that dashing, dark, comes-to-the-rescue guy that is easy to swoon for. Emma is also a great character. I also enjoyed the banter and sweet moments as well as the friendships.

A the same time, I did have some issues. I just couldn't quite except how things play out. Lucas totally talks up his brother even though Blake is kind of a jerk and completely wrong for Emma. I also didn't like some of the characters' actions. It just didn't quite hit realistic to me. The nice thing was that I did enjoy how the story wraps up. I appreciated the heart to heart talks between the characters, an in some ways, that saved this story for me.

In the end, was it what I wished for? A fun, light romance that is a twist on an Austen classic.

Content: Some innuendo, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

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About the Author

Julie Wright wrote her first book when she was fifteen. She's written over twenty novels since then. She is represented by Sara Crowe. She is a Whitney Awards winner for best romance with her book Cross My Heart and a Crown Heart recipient for the novel The Fortune Café.

She has one husband, three kids, one dog, and a varying amount of fish, frogs, and salamanders (depending on attrition).

She loves writing, reading, hiking, playing with her kids, and watching her husband make dinner.

She hates mayonnaise.

I got really sick and was also super busy when this tour was running and still got the book read a few weeks later, but never got it posted. Finally, getting it up! Have you read this one yet?

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