The Glamorous Life of a Mediocre Housewife by Crissy Sharp (Review)

The Glamorous Life of a Mediocre Housewife
(Strawberry Lake Estates #1)
By Crissy Sharp
Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 244 Pages
May 1st 2018


Lotty Brooks’ days consist of avoiding thoughts of her failing marriage, changing diapers, and trying not to eat chocolate brioche for breakfast and lunch. However, everything changes when her perfect, lakeside Montana neighborhood begins bustling with crime and she seems to be the target.

Jason Brooks wants to know what happened to the woman he married. Lotty’s a mere shell of her former self. When she becomes the focal point of neighborhood threats, and the town seems to question her innocence, he must decide how well he knows his wife.

As Jason and Lotty try to get to the bottom of the threats and find those responsible, they’ll need to remember what they once loved about each other. Otherwise, they may lose everything and everyone they care about.

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My Review

THE GLAMOROUS LIFE OF A MEDIOCRE HOUSEWIFE is a surprising, roller-coaster of a ride. It's one part Women's Fiction, one part Romance, and one part Suspense with plenty of friendship, humor, and twists. The characters are well written and easy to relate to. The plot is unexpected in places, but intriguing all the same. Recommended to those who enjoy Women's Fiction or Romantic Suspense who are looking for something unexpected.

In trying to write my thoughts on this book, I just keep thinking how much so many things surprised me. I really could not count on my expectations as they were blown away fairly early on. I was completely pulled into this story from the beginning as I connected with Lotty. I don't know any mom that hasn't at some point wondered how she ended up where she is or is unhappy with some aspect of her life at some point. Lotty is really feeling depressed on where she is. She's still carrying baby fat from her pregnancies, is worn out by two rambunctious (but very adorable) boys, and is almost to the point of separation with her husband. She feels lost, insecure, and at her wits end. She adores her children, but she wants something more than to just be a slave to them all day, every day. There is also a POV from her husband who wonders how they're marriage has gotten to this point. Add to this turmoil, crime that starts up and seems to be targeted at Lotty specifically and there's a whole other level of stress and confusion. Then things get a little crazy with a crazy mother-in-law, a car chase, and some other things which were all fairly entertaining.

What I really loved about this book, were Lotty and Jason (I also loved their boys). Their feelings came across as realistic and fairly closely resembling real life for many couples. There were misunderstandings, misconceptions, self-doubt and Lotty compares herself to her neighbor and finds herself lacking. There's a lack of communication, hurt feelings, and just an overall confusion about how to fix things. I loved how they turn to each other and how they eventually work through things.

This story had a great balance between the crazy, comical, suspenseful, and the real. I liked that it got emotional and scary, but it also didn't dwell on those things too long. I loved how things were resolved and the ending was super sweet.

In the end, was it what I wished for? A surprisingly entertaining read with all the feels that I really enjoyed.

Content: Some innuendo and violence, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy through I Am A Reader, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

What do you think? Is this something you'd pick up to read?

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