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Sense and Sensibility blog tour

Welcome to my tour stop for Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale by Rebecca H. Jamison!
You can see my review of Sense and Sensibility here.

Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day TaleSense & Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale
by Rebecca H. Jamison
LDS Contemporary Romance
Paperback256 Pages
August 12th 2014 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


Which is the key to love—passion or sensibility? Sensible Elly and romantic Maren are sisters trying to hold their family together in the wake of their father’s bankruptcy and death. As both unexpectedly encounter the madness and misadventures of love, they find out what true happiness means. This modern reimagining of the Jane Austen favorite will capture your heart all over again.

Tens List
A Comparison of the two sisters in 
Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale

1. Occupations: Elly is a programmer. Maren is an artist.

2. Dreams: Elly hopes to pay off her family’s debt. Maren dreams of adopting an orphan from a third world country.

3. Struggles: Elly battles to control her temper. Maren fights to overcome depression.

4. Language: Elly uses down-to-earth language. Maren prefers poetic expressions.

5. Taste in men: Elly would like a reliable boyfriend, but she isn’t looking. Maren wants a man who is full of surprises.

6. Style: Elly wears classic styles. Maren prefers colorful, vintage clothing.

7. Hobbies: Elly loves to tap dance. Maren loves to paint.

8. Favorite Foods: Elly likes mango shakes. Maren likes chocolate with cherries.

9. Favorite Music: Elly and Maren both like alternative bands from the San Francisco area.

10. Strengths: Elly isn’t afraid to fight for her family. Maren notices the beauty in everyday life.

About the Author

Rebecca H. Jamison has lived on a live volcano, excavated the bones of a prehistoric mammal, and won first prize at a rigged chili cook-off. She wrote novels just for fun until she made a New Year’s resolution in 2011 to submit a manuscript to publishers. Her first two published works are Persuasion: A Latter-day Tale andEmma: A Latter-day Tale. Rebecca grew up in Virginia. She attended Brigham Young University, where she earned a BA and MA in English. In between college and graduate school, she served a mission to Portugal and the Cape Verde islands. Her job titles have included special education teacher’s aide, technical writer, English teacher, and stay-at-home mom. Rebecca enjoys running, dancing, reading, and watching detective shows. She lives with her husband and children in Utah.


One ebook of Sense & Sensibility by Rebecca H. Jamison (Epub, PDF, or Mobi)
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  1. Rebecca Jamison8/5/14, 7:24 AM

    Thank you for the review, Tressa.

  2. I do and I can't wait to read this one!

  3. Looks like a sweet book, and I always like new approaches to books by Jane Austen.
    By the way, you have a very pretty blog! :-)
    Thanks for visiting Literaria.

  4. I like to read retakes on Jane Austen's work, I like how someone else puts a twist on the story. I have a few on my kindle but I cannot remember the names of them at this moment.

  5. Aw, this one sounds sweet, as does some of the other Mormon novels I've read about. Someday I'll have to read them. :)

  6. Tracy Renee Snyder8/5/14, 2:33 PM

    want to read

  7. Sherry Hoernig8/5/14, 3:18 PM

    No, I really don't want to be able to see the future. Now if I were a time traveler, it would be a bit different, but I still wouldn't want to see MY future.....

  8. Charlie Anderson8/5/14, 4:27 PM

    Like fairy tale retellings, I'm intrigued by new works on old tales. I like what Cheryl said - putting a twist on the story. It's interesting to see how the original has evolved, and in this case, been modernized.

  9. This sounds like such a fun read. I like twists to old favorites.

  10. Cali Willette8/5/14, 5:05 PM

    Good review! I like the original Sense and Sensibility. This new version sounds so cute. <3

  11. I'm not sure - I still haven't read an Austen book all the way through. I did recently read some Austen-inspired novels this spring and enjoyed those. Thanks for the chance to win! This cover looks cute!

  12. I don't know, I haven't read any yet. But I am looking forward to.

  13. I love it! I love anything that seems real, and is still clean.

  14. I loved Persuasion, and I am really looking forward to this one and Emma. I love these types of books. I am really looking forward to reading this.

  15. I love retellings, especially those of Jane Austen novels that have been modernized. Well of Jane Austen novels as a whole.

  16. I have not completed a Jane Austen book yet but have a bunch on my Kindle to read.

  17. I like that this book will appeal to people of all faiths. Of course I also like Jane Austen retellings, so I will definitely take another look at this book.

  18. A great review. I enjoy Jane Austen re-tellings.

  19. I have not read any so I would l [k forward to this

  20. You're welcome! Sorry for responding so late. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to read it. Why, thank you. Glad you liked the blog design. :)

  22. I hope you do enjoy them, Rissi. :)

  23. I like the original one as well, although Marianne bugged me sometimes. I felt it was one of her deeper felt books with all the heartbreak.

  24. Hope you enjoy it! It was definitely its own story.


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