Weekly Update #75

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week. I'm currently out of town and didn't have a lot of time to get this post scheduled, so I'm not doing a daily schedule. Here's what books I'm planning on discussing in some way this week:

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos Magic Within Darkness Within
Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2) How Much Do You Love Me?

Have you entered by Monthly Giveaway for August yet? It's for the winner's choice of a YA or Christian Fiction book $15 USD or under. There is also a giveaway for Sense & Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale.
Sense and Sensibility: A Latter-day Tale

Did you miss any of these posts from last week?

I'm still participating in these two summer reading challenges (although I still haven't been participating very well):
2014 Summer Reading Challenge 2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program

I'm also looking forward to reading some more wedding-themed books (I've read two so far) for this readalong and giveaway that you guys should all check out:
Katie's Wedding Countdown

Books that I'm currently reading/coming up for review:
 Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

(Yes, I'm still, still trying to get these read. I keep having to put them off.)
The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy, #3) Midnight Thief (Midnight Thief, #1)

I'll be catching up with comments on Wednesday when we're back. What do you have going on this week?


  1. A busy week. SON OF WAR DAUGHTER OF CHAOS , love the title, should be interesting.

  2. Cali Willette8/10/14, 5:04 PM

    Can't wait to read reviews, so I can find out more about those books. <3

  3. I CANNOT wait to hear what you think of Dark Triumph! I LOVED it, even more than Grave Mercy which is saying something! I hope that you love it, too! Also can't wait for you to get to Midnight Thief. I am seriously excited about that book, and I have heard great things. Deborah Harkness series is my best friends ultimate favorite, so I need to get to it already. It sounds awesome! Hope that you are enjoying vacation!

  4. I see The Book of Life every time I walk into a Barnes and Noble. I need to see what this is about.

  5. I cannot wait to hear what you think of Son of War Daughter of Chaos! I love her books. I also want to read the Book of LIfe, but have to start at the beginning, and when I was at B&N they only had the Book of Life in stock there. Dang it. Enjoy being out of town! How fantastic. I am leaving Saturday for a few days so I am leaving the world behind while I am gone. YAY ;)

  6. It was good and I really enjoyed it!

  7. Obviously I didn't get to all of these a couple weeks back. Should be better this week. :)

  8. Vacation was fabulous! It has taken me a little while to catch back up though, in case you don't notice in how late I'm responding to this. I liked Grave Mercy better. I'll explain in my review on Thursday. ;)

  9. I got sucked into that series. It is very well written and I love the characters, but it is also definitely adult with mature content and some sparse language (just to warn you that you may want to wait).

  10. Can you tell how much I still have to play catch up by how late this response is? Lol! The trip was still worth it. Book of Life - I'll repeat what I said to Natalie - Love it, but is Adult, so some mature content.

  11. I have been gone as well, and feel like it's a year in the blogging world. Sheesh :). It's all good. I loved the first book!

  12. So you should love the rest of them. :)

  13. No worries! Definitely curious to see why!


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