Cover Reveal: The Elementalists by C. Sharp

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
The Elementalists
by C. Sharp
YA Paranormal
November 28th 2014 by Diversion Books


It is the hottest year on record for the fifth year in a row, and famine riots spread across much of Africa. Along the Gulf Coast, the hurricane season is one of the worst in memory. The latest in a string of 9.0 strength earthquakes has claimed two-hundred thousand lives in central China. Far below the earth’s crust, imprisoned in ancient slumber, the elemental powers of the land grow restless…

All seems normal in small town Virginia, where fifteen year old Chloe McClellan dreads the start of her sophomore year. Whip-smart, athletic and genuine, she’s also a bit of an angry loner who is totally unaware of her charms. Despite her plans to stay under the radar, Chloe becomes a target for the fiery queen of the It-girls in fifth period gym. She then draws instant notoriety when she’s struck by lightning after her first disastrous day of school. As if that weren’t bad enough, she soon comes to believe, that either she’s going insane, or her accident has unleashed a powerful and terrifying creature from the mythological world—triggering the final countdown to the world’s sixth great extinction level event.

Chloe finds some solace as she inexplicably wins the affections of an unlikely trio of male classmates: the earthy and gregarious captain of the football team, the flighty stoner with a secret, and an enigmatic transfer student who longs for the sea. All the while she struggles with the growing realization that “Dragons” exist, and she may be the only one who can stop them.

The Elementalists, book one of the Tipping Point Prophecy, follows Chloe and her group of friends, and enemies, as they struggle to save humanity by harnessing the power of the elements.

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About the Author

This is C. Sharp’s debut novel. He studied English Literature and Anthropology at Brown University and Mayan Archaeology at the Harvard Field School in Honduras. He works in film and commercial production. Chris now lives in Concord, MA with his wife and daughter.


  1. I love finding debut authors. I love being there at the very beginning. Beautiful cover. This does sound interesting.

  2. Cali Willette8/8/14, 5:07 PM

    This book sounds cool and I like the cover. <3

  3. Umm, yes please? I love dragons, and this seems to fit the bill. It sounds really good, and I love the cover!

  4. This sounds fantastic, and I love the cover!

  5. I miss your favorites. I've been reading Bill Bryson. Very funny & educational too.

  6. I agree. I like supporting them and seeing how their writing develops from their first book on.

  7. I'm really curious about the dragon on it.

  8. I love dragons too. I don't know what it is about them, but I do. :)

  9. I'm planning on not missing so many favs for a while. Hopefully I'll find books and such to spotlight. :)


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