Hold On: A Modern Tribute to the Music of Michael McLean by Various Artists (Review & Giveaway)

Hold On CD
Hold On
A Modern Tribute to the Music of Michael McLean
by Various Artists
Music Album, LDS
August 7, 2015 by Shadow Mountain


Eric Robertson, a popular producer in Provo, has brought together an impressive list of talented vocalists to sing on new, fresh productions of classic Michael McLean songs. The vocalists include some of the top names from the burgeoning Provo music scene, including Elaine Bradley, from Neon Trees, and Ryan Innes, one of the top contestants on NBC's The Voice. Eric grew up listening to Michael McLean songs and still feels a strong connection to them. This album is an effort to pay tribute to those songs and produce them in a way that will speak to a younger generation of LDS youth.

Track List
  1. Hold On, the Light Will Come feat. Scott Shepard
  2. Give a Little Bit of Yourself feat. Catherine Leavy
  3. You're Not Alone feat. Andrew Langdon
  4. Gentle feat. Drew Danburry
  5. I Can't Do Everything feat. Brooke White of American Idol
  6. Homeless feat. Ryan Innes of The Voice
  7. You've Always Been There for Me feat. Elaine Bradley of Neon Trees
  8. Share the Joy feat. Severin Bozung
  9. Be the Joy feat. Eric Robertson
  10. Promise of Light feat. Adam and Darcie Sanders
**Individual tracks available on iTunes.

You can listen to samples of some of the tracks here.


About the Album

My Review

Hold On: A Modern Tribute to the Music of Michael McLean brought back memories of my youth. For fans of Michael McLean, these were interesting remakes of his songs. Part of me wasn't too sure about them, but the more I listened, the more they grew on me. You don't need to be a Michael McLean fan to enjoy the music. Half the album sounds very techno and influenced by the 80s. I would have loved for more instruments to have been used instead of so much of it being computer or keyboard generated. Having said that, this is definitely a more pop/techno version than the original. Not something for Sundays, but more of during the week and definitely for teens. As I said, the songs did grow on me. I loved Homeless, especially where the vocalist sings in his falsetto. It was beautiful. I couldn't help singing along with Hold On, the Light Will Come and Promise of Light. I also enjoyed I Can't Do Everything featuring Brooke White from American Idol. Overall, an enjoyable album that I'll be listening to in the future.

Content: Clean

Source: I would like to thank Shadow Mountain for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Producer

Acclaimed producer and arranger ERIC ROBERTSON has composed and produced music for top musicians in Utah and all over the country. Artists like Mindy Gledhill, Ryan Innes, and a host of other award-winning artists turn to him to provide them with relevant, beautifully-produced songs.

About Michael McLean

MICHAEL MCLEAN has released more than two dozen albums, has written, produced, and directed award-winning films and television commercials, and has annually presented his landmark Christmas production, The Forgotten Carols,based on his book, to sold-out audiences throughout the United States since 1991. He and his wife, Lynne, live in Heber Valley.


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