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If Not for a BeeIf Not for a Bee
(Seasons of Alaska #3)
by Carol Ross
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 206 Pages
October 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming

You can't always play it safe

With four sons dependent on her, Janie Everett needs to keep her life uncomplicated. Now famous scientist Aidan Hollings is disrupting her orderly world, starting with the rescue of a...bumblebee.

Aidan is only passing through her Alaska wilderness town, and wasn't planning to bond with her two older boys. Or become so attracted to the widowed journalist. His globe-trotting days may be be over if he's able to show Janie that they can share the adventure of a lifetime--together.


Guest Post:
Ten Things I’ve Learned (and Love) About Alaska

“Have you ever lived in Alaska?”After writing four books and a short story for the Seasons of Alaska series this is a question I’ve heard often. As well as, “I want to live in Rankins.” Both make my heart soar with joy. Because to me this means I’m getting certain things right. Important things. All of the Seasons of Alaska stories are set in the remote town of Rankins. And while the town might be fictional, I’ve done my best to keep the essence of Alaska accurate. To me, this setting is as important as any character. Characters change from book to book, but Alaska is always front and center. I have this compelling need to get it right.

I’m lucky for my connections to this wild, vast and diverse place, which has made accuracy much easier than it would have been otherwise. Being an Alaskan is about more than the state you live in—it’s a state of mind, a state of being. I have a brother in-law who lives in Alaska. An Alaskan. He’s my favorite fact-checker. (Thank you, Joe.) These links have been instrumental in helping me to get both the big and little details right, like using the term snow machine rather than snow mobile. In Alaska you live in a borough rather than a county. And then there’s the widespread moniker for the rest of the continental United States, the “lower forty-eight.”

I have a file where I keep interesting Alaska facts and information. A lot of these details I’ve incorporated into books, some I’ve added and then (sadly) had to cut, and still others are waiting, simmering, to get a mention or even to inspire a scene or a future book. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. (Please don’t send me hate mail for not citing sources or for any inaccuracies.)

1). It is legal to hunt bears in Alaska, but waking a sleeping bear in order to take a photograph is not.

Let this big guy get his rest, okay?

2) It is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they are moose hunting.

3) Alaska’s long hours of sunshine in the summer make for unique growing conditions. A cabbage grown here and weighing in at 138.25 pounds currently holds the world record.

4) You might know that Alaska has the lowest population density of any US state. But the following really puts this in perspective for me: If New York City had the population density of Alaska, 16 people would be living in Manhattan. (And I dare you to try to find an Alaskan that would move to New York.)

5) Alaska is the only state name you can type on one row of a keyboard. (As a writer I had to include this one. I wish there was some way to know how many times I’ve typed it myself. I’m going to do it now just because it’s fun....Alaska.)

It’s fun in this font, too.

6) Fifty-two percent of Alaskans are men. This is the highest percent of males in any state. (As a romance writer I had to include this one. And with careers as diverse and interesting and appealing as wildlife guide, biologist, pilot, fisherman and paramedic? The “hero” possibilities are endless, right?)

7) Women were granted the right to vote in 1913. This is six years ahead of the 19th amendment. (Again, as a romance writer, I had to include this. Women might be outnumbered in this state, but I think their value is unquestioned.)

8) One out of every 58 Alaskans is a registered pilot and one out of 59 owns an airplane. (More hero and heroine material right here.)

9) We are so used to seeing Alaska relegated to the corner of the United States map that to view it superimposed to scale is pretty remarkable. (It also gives reason for the necessity of #8 on this list.) I borrowed this map from the alaska.org website. If you go here you can choose a state from the dropdown bar to see a direct state to state comparison: http://www.alaska.org/how-big-is-alaska.

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About the Author

Carol Ross lives with her husband and one loveable miscreant of a dachshund in a small town in Washington close to both the ocean and the mountains. She adores the Pacific Northwest because it provides her with endless opportunities for the activities she loves—hiking, running, skiing, and spending time outdoors. Although she enjoys reading in many genres, she writes what she loves the most—romance, especially light-hearted stories about the fun, flirty, and often-tumultuous path toward a happily ever after. For a complete list of her books, social media links, giveaways, and other fun stuff stop by and visit her new website: carolrossauthor.com.

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