My Health Challenge and What I'm Doing...

I don't post personal things too often on here, but I wanted to share about this... 

(You can check out my update here.)

I have been struggling with being trim, in shape, and keeping the weight off since becoming pregnant with my fourth child and turning 30 (which was several years ago). I've tried various diets, but I have to be careful because I've always been sensitive to not getting enough to eat. I get migraines and dizzy if I don't eat regularly. I'm also a believer in being healthy. I've joined health challenges before where I burned 600 calories a day, six days a week, while also not consuming any sugar or white flour, etc. They didn't work for me. I felt like I was wearing myself out and I still couldn't get past my goal threshold. So frustrating!

I tried one plan earlier this year and kept a strict nutritional plan for over three months and it worked, but it was so slow going. Over that three months I lost about 10 lbs, but then I hit my usual line in weight and I could just not get under it and my body plateaued. It's like "What do I have to do to get to a healthy me?" It was the best I had tried up to that point and if I kept with it for maybe three more years and worked out even harder and longer I would get to where I want to be. But, I didn't feel I had the time or energy to do that - to do more. The plan has you workout about every other day and I just couldn't increase that to work out six days a week for 1-2 hours all the time for years. I just can't. I can do stints, but if I push too much, I get burned out and then I backtrack. Big time. The workouts were really good and I'll continue to use them off and on as well as some of the recipes, which were also good.

We actually eat really healthy. Rarely eat out. Make food from scratch. So I feel like we're overall healthy and I can keep a steady exercise program of three days a week. If I do more I (again) tend to burn out. Plus doing what I've been doing is more than I did before, so it always made me ask (again) "What is it going to take?! How much more am I going to have to do?!!"

This is me. Does it sound like you?

The hard part too is that I've always been thin. Those girls that are super skinny in high school and can down two Burger King Whoppers plus ice cream and don't gain a single inch or pound? That was me. I also was really active and toned. I played racquetball a ton, ran, did weights, etc. Even after my second kid I got back down to 18% body fat after four months. That was all before I hit 30, before kid #4, before blogging and reading a ton, my kids getting older, and us all not being quite as active. Plus me being older. Did I already say that? ;) 

I don't want to be super, unhealthy-looking, skinny. That's not what I want. I want to be trim, in shape, and feel good about my body. I also would like to fit in quite a few clothes or feel good about wearing them. It just would be nice. :)

My sister recently took me to a tasting party, which was really a sales pitch for a health product. This product has helped her a lot. She has low energy (has chronic fatigue among other things) and, even without pushing it in the exercise department, has seen results, especially in feeling a heck of a lot better. I haven't ever signed up for anything like this before because I didn't see positive results from everyone who tried it and also saw that it wasn't that healthy (besides being expensive). 

This product is different. Everyone I've talked to has had great results and love the product. Not that those results haven't come for free. They followed the system and exercised and put in their own time and work. What I liked is that it isn't just losing weight that they focus on. It's cleansing your body, taking good vitamins, eating organically, being positive... They're about the whole picture. The whole you. And the product is organic, healthy, good tasting stuff. In other words, I have very high expectations. 

I just joined this week and am starting my own program with them. It is expensive for me this first month (very affordable the months following), but for others who eat out regularly for lunch breaks or for coffee, it's comparable to what you already spend. Plus I feel like it's worth it, especially trying it out for 30 days (they have a money back guarantee), if it gets results.

It's a great time to start too because they have this awesome challenge going on right now:
(You do have to sign up and purchase product to participate. If you're interested, please let me know. I'd love to answer any questions. Or, let me know if you'd be interested in joining the Sweet Freedoms Facebook group where you can see what others think, see their results, ideas, and tips for yourself. It is a private group, so someone has to add you to join. Feel free to email me here or message me on Facebook if you're interested.)

I have to say that I am so excited to do this!!!

I'm planning on posting my progress and keeping updates regularly on this post or in subsequent posts, so look for those.

I also want to know what you think. What weight/health management have you tried? Are you in the same boat as I'm in? Would you like more energy, to lose some pounds, and/or be healthier? Are you trying something right now and is it working for you? Let me know!

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