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blog ahead 2015

Blog Ahead has officially begun! You can read all of the info and sign up here.

I'm looking forward to getting as much of November and December scheduled as I can, but at least the 31 posts. Right now I'm at zero ahead due to lots of things over the past couple of months. I'll be keeping my status updated here.

35 / 31 posts. 100% done.

Week 1 (Oct 1-10) = 12 posts
T=0  F=0  S=0  S=0  M=0  T=1  W=5  T=5 F=1 S=0

Week 2 (Oct 11-17) = 2 posts
S=0  M=0  T=0  W=1  T=1  F=0  S=0

Week 3 (Oct 18-24) =  2 posts
S=0  M=2  T=0  W=0  T=0  F=0  S=0

Week 4 (Oct 25-31) =  19 posts
S=0  M=0  T=7  W=0  T=6  F=6  S=0

Are you joining in?

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