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Covering HomeCovering Home
Heidi McCahan
Adult Inspirational Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 310 Pages
January 18th 2015 by Snug Corner Cove Press

On assignment in Japan, television personality turned sportscaster Britt Bowen is determined to land an interview with the most reclusive pitcher in baseball and prove she can succeed in a demanding profession. A relationship with a self-absorbed professional athlete is the last thing Britt needs. 

Shunning all media attention, former All-Star pitcher Caleb Scott is focused on rebuilding his career in Japan, far from his past and the horrible tragedy that nearly ruined him. Then he meets Britt, who is everything he vowed to avoid. 

But it doesn’t take long before Caleb is battling his attraction toward Britt. While she works to uncover his secrets, she can’t deny she’s drawn to his wounded soul. At a crossroads, Caleb must decide if he can break free from his past mistakes and give love another chance. And Britt must choose between advancing her career … or falling in love.

Excerpt: Britt & Caleb Ride the Ferris Wheel

Britt touched his sleeve. “Hey.”
He turned back from the window, the lights mounted on the frame of the Ferris wheel illuminating half of his face. Even in the semi-darkness, those dark chocolate eyes studied her.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked.
They cruised upward, each incremental turn of the wheel taking them higher and higher above the lights of Tokyo. Caleb raked a hand through his hair and released a slow breath.
“I’m thinking about how I’m on the most romantic Ferris wheel ride of my life, with a beautiful woman who leaves town in a couple of days and lives on the other side of the world.”
She moistened her dry lips. “Wow, that’s a bummer. You should make the most of your time together. See where things go.”
“I’d like to, but it’s complicated.” His knee bounced up and down incessantly while he settled his arm across the back of the seat. “We both started new jobs. In different countries.”
“That sounds pretty intense.” She felt a smile tugging at her lips. Where had this flirty, playful Caleb been hiding?
“I love talking to her. She’s crazy about baseball, which I find very appealing. But she said this was a lousy time for a relationship, so I—”
“I didn’t say lousy.” She twisted toward him, her pulse skittering out of control. “I mean … baseball demands crazy hours. But anything’s possible. You should give it a chance.”
“Really?” Caleb gently brushed her hair off her shoulders. “You aren’t worried about the … obstacles?”
“Not right now,” she whispered. “I’m a little distracted.”
His fingers cupped the nape of her neck and her skin tingled from his touch.
He leaned in, his eyes roaming her face. A tiny scar inhabited the otherwise perfect plane of his high cheekbones. She wanted to ask about the scar, but that thought flitted away as his mouth found hers. While the logical side of her brain sounded all the alarms about how risky this was, when he deepened the kiss, every fiber of her being responded to his touch. He tunneled both hands through her hair, drawing her closer. A moan escaped. Was that her?
Caleb’s lips left hers for an instant, his eyes smoldering.
Wait. Come back. She clutched fistfuls of his shirt and drew him in for another kiss.
Only the demand for oxygen caused her to end the kiss, but Caleb didn’t move even a fraction of an inch. Those incredible lips were still dangerously close. “Wow. I’m glad we had this talk.” His voice was rough with emotion.
She could only manage a quick nod.
A laugh rumbled from his chest and she basked in the glow of his satisfied smile. “My, my. Britt Bowen rendered speechless. How about that?”

About the Author

Heidi McCahanHeidi McCahan is a Pacific Northwest girl at heart. She spent her formative years in Alaska, where her unique upbringing, coupled with Alaska's breathtaking scenery, fueled her active imagination and loosely inspired her debut novel, Unraveled

Heidi graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine from Whitworth University and a Master's Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After a brief career as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Heidi married her husband, Steve. They currently live in North Carolina with their three boys. 

When Heidi isn't stepping on Legos, chauffeuring the boys around suburbia or watching one of their many sporting events, she loves to read and write heartwarming romance.

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