Armchair BEA: Day 2 Topics

Armchair BEA

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There are two topics to choose from today: Visual Expressions and Social Media.

I'll be real honest. I have read very few visual books if you exclude children's books. It's not that I don't like them because that is not the case at all, but I would say that they're not really my thing. I have been wanting to read a few of them more often though. I'm big into super heroes and I'd love to read those comics, but I also know that a lot of comics don't involve super-anything at all. I do also really like sweet romance and fierce characters. Anyone have any suggestions?

So, moving on to the second topic because obviously the first one doesn't really apply to me... I have a love/hate relationship with social media, although mostly we choose to passively get along. Lol! I really just don't have enough hours every day to devote to it. I do get on various social networks and I get updates, but I don't do as much as I would like to there. I will say that I do have some preferences. I like Facebook, but I like the casualness and ease of Twitter more. Having said that, I like going to Facebook more than Twitter to see what's going on with the authors, publishers, and other bloggers I follow. I also like the idea of Tsu, but I always forget to go manually post there. 

And then I can't forget Instagram and Pinterest. Those are both really my favorites, but I avoid them (especially Pinterest) sometimes because I seem to get swallowed whole there and lose great holes of time somehow. I do go to both for certain purposes. Instragram I actually use for mainly personal uses to post pictures of my family. Pinterest I use for everything when I'm looking for creative ideas or anything else. It's really a fabulous place. I also like pinning things in regards to books quite a bit, but am not on there as much as I should be.

So that's me. How about you?

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