Weekly Update #114

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week. I'm linking up to The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer, as well as linking to Tynga's Reviews and Talk Supe for showcasing the books I added to my shelves or eReader this week.

We have had such fabulous weather this week! It's been really nice and I've been so grateful. I have some good news and some bad news to share this week. This is quite a bit longer than my normal, so bare with me. :) The good news is that my son is much better after his borderline pneumonia. That was not fun. He's had to be careful back at school because his strength just isn't back yet, but he is just doing so much better!

Toby as a puppy and just recently.

The bad news... If you've been following me and reading these notes the past several weeks you know about my sweet dog, Toby, and his struggle with his health. He was doing so much better and then Monday morning he relapsed. Big time. I was right there with him as he was losing consciousness and as he tried to breath. I did get him breathing again, but it was really rough. He was rushed into his vet and we had to let him go. It would have continued on that way becoming worse each time and he was really struggling so much all Monday morning. Really hard for us, but best for him. It's made my week rather rough and emotional and taking a little hiatus from reading and blogging except for what had to be done.

Toby meeting Oscar.

Then more good news... Sunday night, when Toby was still doing well, we decided to take some friends up on their offer for a 12-week-old Yorkie mix that they wanted in a good home and one with kids. We debated for several days before deciding to take him. We named him Oscar. The two doggies seemed to get on well, so we were  pretty happy with the decision, unaware that we would lose Toby the next day.


Oscar has really helped fill the hole left in my heart this week. He is such a lovable, cuddly, all-around-cute dog. We have some definite training to do, but so far he's been doing well. He won't replace Toby, but he has become a member of our family and seemed to come at the perfect time. What's even cooler is that we share the same birthday. It was obviously meant to be.

So, on to my usual... Here's what to expect this week:
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get to spend some time with your mother or children, or at least get to talk to them.

I'm thrilled to be a tour stop for Tamera Alexander's newest (to be released on Tuesday - my copy is already pre-ordered), To Win Her Favor! I'll be posting a review, interview, and about the giveaway.
To Win Her Favor (Belle Meade Plantation, #2)

I'll be reviewing Nourish by Christi Silbaugh for its tour. We've been trying some healthy, yummy recipes.
Nourish: The Beginner's Guide to Eating Healthy and Staying Fit

I'll be a tour stop for A Matter of Heart by Amy Fellner Dominy. She's coming for a visit to my local bookstore as well, but I don't know if I'll get to go. Hopefully I will. :)
A Matter of Heart

I'll be posting for Waiting on Wednesday. Did you see last week's WOW for a YA fantasy that I'm dying to read, Riot of Storm and Smoke? I'm also hoping to get a review up for The Keys of the Watchmen by Kathleen C. Perrin. This is one that got pushed back after my rough week last week.
The Keys of the Watchmen (Watchmen Saga #1)

I'll be a tour stop for Hold Me Like a Breath by Tiffany Schmidt. Tiffany will be stopping by for a visit, so come see what she has to say.
Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family, #1)

I'll be reviewing A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade for its tour with Litfuse. You all should know that Becky is one of my favorite authors and that I adore this series of hers!
A Love Like Ours (Porter Family, #3)

I'll be reviewing Amnesty for Jo Noelle for its tour. I've enjoyed the books by this author team so far, so I'm looking forward to this one!

I added a few more ebooks this week. Better than last week, but still quite a few. Covers will take you to Goodreads or Amazon:

Mirrored The Immortal Heights (The Elemental Trilogy, #3) Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes, #2) A Madness So Discreet
Newt's Emerald Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals, #1) Silver in the Blood (Silver in the Blood, #1) The Fixer (The Fixer, #1)

Liam Darcy, I Loathe You by Heidi Jo Doxey - For Review
Ian Quicksilver by Alyson Peterson - For Review
The Tulip Resistance by Lynne Leatham Allen - For Review
The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West - Purchased
Crimson Bound by Rosemund Hodge - Purchased
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas - Purchased

There's a few giveaways going on right now (each cover will take you to its giveaway):
 Summer Fit, Grades 2-3: Exercises for the Brain and Body While Away from School
Last day to enter this one:

I'm co-hosting a read-along for Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George (who I LOVE) in July with Dena from Batch of Books. We held a read-along last fall for the Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger and had a blast! This is another book we decided we'd like to read together. The book releases on July 7th. Jessica will be stopping by as well so we can ask her some questions. I've included the linky here for anyone who is interested in joining. We wanted this up in plenty of time for everyone to join and get their books and all. We'll basically be reading a chapter or about 26 pages a day. We'd love to have you! You don't have to have a blog to participate either. Readers are definitely welcome!!

Then I'm participating in a couple of things (not that I've done much participating so far - this week was rough). You can find out more by clicking on their buttons:
Clean Sweep 2015
Blog Ahead Mini - May 2015

Did you miss any of these posts from last week?

What do you have going on this week?


  1. Elle @ Lost In Wonderland5/10/15, 1:16 AM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Toby :( It's good to hear that your son is doing better though and Oscar looks quite adorable. I'm sure he'll bring many happy memories to add to your ones of Toby :)

  2. I'm glad your son is better but I'm so sorry for Toby, pets are an inherent part of our life, one that brings so much comfort and happiness. I hope the oh-so-adorable Oscar will be cheering your family up :)

  3. Grace @ Rebel Mommy BookBlog5/10/15, 2:53 AM

    I am so sorry for your loss. Im glad your son is getting better and you got a wonderful new puppy! I have a Yorkie mix and they are wonderful. For books - great haul! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Grace Fonseca5/10/15, 6:45 AM

    I'm so sad to hear about your Toby passing away. Losing any member of the family is hard. Oscar looks quite adorable. I see that you got some amazing books this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Sorry about Toby, Oscar is so cute though! Enjoy your new lovelies :)

  6. So sorry for your loss. Our dog is a loved and cherished family member and I can't imagine the time we're without him. I hope having little Oscar around will help.
    I also hope you enjoy your new review books. I dowloaded some of the same ones, so perhaps we can discuss!
    Jen at YA Romantics

  7. Oh so sorry to hear about Toby. :( Oscar looks adorable though and though he doesn't replace Toby he can bring you some happiness as well. :) You got some great books, Silver in the Blood looks good.


    Week in Review

  8. laura thomas5/10/15, 5:07 PM

    Happy to hear your son is able to return to school. It's a slow process to recover from that. And so sorry about Toby. Oscar is adorable and so glad he gives you joy and comfort.
    Lots of wonderful books this week. I see Netgalley and Edelweiss lured you in. LOL
    My Sunday Post - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/05/10/whats-new-on-my-bookshelf-108-and-the-sunday-post/

  9. Sorry about the loss of your beloved pet. Glad Oscar came at just the right time to help your family's hurting hearts. Have a good week.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Toby. Oscar did come along at a great time. I hope this week is easier for you.

  11. So sorry about your dog...that is sad. I hope this week is better for you, and you have some great books coming up :)

  12. So sorry about Toby. When I lost my Sydney, and I'd had her for 13 years, I had just got a puppy a few months before. It helped a lot to have my little Dora there when I lost Sydney. I'm sure having Oscar did the same for you.

    Good luck with all the challenges you have going on this week! Great haul as well.
    Check out my Sunday Post

  13. I'm so sorry about your dog Toby :( My family dog is 15 now and we worry about her so much. Those dogs weasel their way into your heart so quickly!

  14. Oscar is adorable but my heart goes out to you for Toby.

  15. Woo-hoo, another great haul. You've always got some great things coming to your blog each week. I'm going to be excited to read your reviews on several of these. :)

  16. Oscar has been really great for our family. Thank you, Elle!

  17. Thank you! I've been emotional and normally I'm not quite this personal on my blog, but it's a form of therapy for me as well.

  18. Thank you, Grace. I'm sure I'll do better as time goes on. :) It was a good haul. Too many fabulous releases coming out. Lol!

  19. Thanks, Grace. I did get books that I am super excited about. :D

  20. Thanks, Braine. I appreciate it. I'm sure I will. :)

  21. Thanks, Jen. I originally told my husband I didn't want any more dogs because of the heartache. Obviously I get really attached. But Oscar has been so great and I'm glad we have him.

    And I'd definitely love to discuss books anytime. :) Hopefully we'll both love them.

  22. Thanks, Krystianna. I hope we both love those books! I feel the same way.

  23. Thanks, Stormi. We're loving having Oscar and it has helped. Silver in the Blood should be excellent. :D

  24. Thanks, Laura. When do NG and Edelweiss not lure me in?!!! Seriously. I have a complex. ;) I've definitely got some great reading materials for this summer though.

  25. Thanks, Leeanna. It's already been a better week.

  26. Thanks, Paij (I always feel weird using that). :) I do have some seriously good reading to do.

  27. I feel the same way, Lisa. And I didn't even know when we got him how much he would help.

    I'm just now getting into the challenges, but hopefully I'll have a good week. :)

  28. Don't they?!!! They are the sweetest, unconditional-loving things! It's getting better. Thanks!

  29. Thanks, Kimberly. I went with a girlfriend to see The Age of Adaline and a dog dies and I was crying in the theater when I thought I'd stopped crying. Man! It was nice to come home to a very excited Oscar though. I hope you're having a great week!

  30. Lol! I do try! I really need to get some good reading in and get some reviews scheduled for the summer for when the kids are home. Should be a good week!

  31. Plenty bloggers have pets, so we understand perfectly ;)


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