Review Brief: A Wedding to Die For by Adrianne Lee

A Wedding to Die For (Weddingville, #1)A Wedding to Die For
(Weddingville #1)
by Adrianne Lee
Adult Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 256 Pages
May 5th 2015 by Forever Yours



A hundred years ago, a tiny town on the Puget Sound attracted a passel of bachelors desperate to marry. Thanks to the miracle of mail order, they did, and Weddingville was born. Hollywood costumer Daryl Anne Blessing knows that story all too well, and she hasn't missed it, or much else about her hometown—except for hunky photographer Seth Quinlan. Now Daryl Anne returns to Weddingville to see her best friend say I do... and witnesses a whole lot of something hitting the fan—and it's not rice.

As the maid of honor, Daryl Anne must keep the bride calm, no matter what. But last time she checked, "what" didn't include the bride's estranged mother turning up, scandalizing the locals—and getting herself murdered. Nor did it include digging for clues with Seth, while trying to remember exactly why she left him behind. It's quite a juggling act, even for a seasoned multi-tasker like Daryl Anne. She soon attracts lusty glances from Seth—and the attention of a killer who's determined to take this town out of business...


My Review

I generally enjoy romantic suspense and was looking forward to reading A Wedding to Die For. I really loved the small-town setting with the gossipy old ladies and places that felt like home to the characters. I loved the way the main character, Daryl Anne (a very interesting name for a girl), and her BFF are so close to their families. The suspense was even fun in a way as they tried to figure out what happened and who done it. I didn't much care for the language, but I can be a little more forgiving on that end sometimes if I really love the characters and story. However, I just didn't really like the MC and her BFF. There was too much glossing over things and poor choices and people not being honest, even if it was just not disclosing information. I just couldn't get behind it and the way the characters acted at certain points. That was a huge downfall for this story for me. I just really have to like the characters and connect with them to end up really like a story. Having said that, some of you may connect better than I did.

Content: Suggestive content, swearing (including a few f-words)

Source: I would like to thank the publisher, Forever Yours/Grand Central Publishing, for my complimentary ARC throughNetGalley, which did not affect my review in any way.

What do you think?


  1. The cover is fantastic, but it doesn't sound like a book for me. Thanks for the honest review! Have a great day Tressa :)

  2. It needed something more and something less... Thanks! :)

  3. Ha! Small town setting and gossipy old ladies! Yeah, I like that sort of thing too. Too bad that this didn't blow your socks off. It definitely sounded promising.

  4. I definitely don't regret reading it, but I just needed to connect with and like more the MC and her BFF. Another reader may not have that problem. There was a hot guy, of course. ;)


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