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Welcome to my tour stop for Siren's Fury by Mary Weber! I was blown away by the first book in this series, Storm Siren, last year and have been highly anticipating this one. (You can see my review here.) Check out all the info, as well as the fabulous interview, excerpt, and giveaway below...

Siren's Fury (Storm Siren, #2)Siren's Fury
YA Fantasy
Paperback, 352 Pages
June 2nd 2015 by Thomas Nelson / HarperCollin   


"I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it's no use. The curse I've spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists."

Nym has saved Faelen only to discover that Draewulf stole everything she valued. Now he’s destroyed her Elemental storm-summoning ability as well.

When Nym sneaks off with a host of delegates to Bron, Lord Myles offers her the chance for a new kind of power and the whispered hope that it may do more than simply defeat the monster she loathes. But the secrets the Bron people have kept concealed, along with the horrors Draewulf has developed, may require more than simply harnessing a darker ability.

They may require who she is.

Set against the stark metallic backdrop of the Bron kingdom, Nym is faced with the chance to change the future.

Or was that Draewulf’s plan for her all along?


Author Interview

I'd like to welcome Author Mary Weber to my blog today. As I said above, I was blown away by the first book in this series. So, here are some questions for you...
1. Were there any unexpected challenges from writing a second book in a series? 

Definitely! I can honestly say writing book 2 was harder than I imagined it would be – much more difficult than the first (or third for that matter). As a once avid-book blogger and someone who loves reading, I think I felt particularly sensitive that my writing might suffer from “second book syndrome.” Thus, I wrote and rewrote with that in mind. However, on the upside, I had fewer edits with this book than with either of the others, so… (*laughs*) maybe that worked? 

That second book can fall into a limbo state, so it's good to know you kept that in mind. I've been pretty sure that this book would be plenty exciting.

2. What do you love the most about the story? 

Probably the characters and how they interact with each other, and then grow BECAUSE of each other.

That is one of my favorite things about reading, seeing characters change and kind of come into themselves. 

3. Who is your favorite new character introduced in this second book and why? 

Oh fun! Okay, so I adore how Rasha holds her own against Myles – but I have to admit my favorite new person is the boy Kel. He reminds me of my four brothers in all the best and ridiculous ways. :0)

I just need to read this and meet the new characters already!

4. What books are you most looking forward to this year? 

Oh man, I am DYING for Marissa’s Lunar Chronicles Finale. Seriously, WINTER cannot arrive soon enough (you hear that, Marissa??)!! I’m also crossing my stars for an ARC of Marie Rutkoski’s THE WINNER’s KISS (because that trilogy is EVERYTHING – gah!). And I can’t wait to read Mary Pearson’s brilliant HEART OF BETRAYAL, Sabaa Tahir’s EMBER IN THE ASHES, Jodi Meadow’s ORPHAN QUEEN, and Robyn Schneider’s EXTRAORDINARY MEANS.

How about you, Tressa?? What books are you excited for? (Curious minds want to know!)

Oh sure. Throw it back at me. ;) My list is looooonnnng. All of those are on my list and rather high as well, especially Winter and The Winner's Kiss. How about Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell, Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George, Manners & Mutiny by Gail Carriger, Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson, Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (how did you just pick a handlful????), Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith, and... And that's just sticking to YA. :)

5. Can you share a teaser for the third book? 

Of course! The Luminescent Kingdom. Draewulf. Nym. Enhanced abilities. Epic drama. ;0)

Enhanced abilities??? Looking forward to it!!!

Thanks for letting me drop by, Tressa!!!

Thanks so much for answering my questions and being able to drop by! You're welcome any time. :D


Chapter 2

I glare at the closed door, simultaneously holding my throat while cursing that illegitimate bolcrane off- spring to come back.
I can’t stop shaking. Exhale. Inhale. His scent is everywhere, piercing my nostrils, digging down my throat until Im gagging on smoke and pulling myself up to scramble around the broken glass and ice. No no no no no! I lunge for the charred window and push my face out into the night air. The noise below is deafen- ing—as if my erratic weather bursts only encouraged the people’s frenzy.
I concentrate on breathing. Another inhale to clear my burn- ing throat.
My body sways heavily and shakes harder, and for a second I swear my veins seize up.
I frown at my arms. What did he do to me?
“Focus on the atmosphere, Nym,” I can almost hear Eogan whisper. Its yours to control.”
I shut my eyes and lean in, yearning to feel him against my achy skin and chest cavity where, until a few minutes ago, my world existed. I cant focus,” I whisper. I don’t want to focus.
No! I can’t do this without you. But the moment slows anyway. “Focus on the atmosphere.”
I grit my teeth and open my eyes.
I shove my hand toward the sky.
Not even a breath of wind stirs as the golden candle bulbs rise into the now-perfect, starry heavens.
I try again. And againthis time with both hands. Then with my voice, begging the Elemental inside to waken and rise.
But its no use.
The curse Ive spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control with Eogan. No. Longer. Exists.
Just as Eogan no longer exists.
“Are you jesting?” A scream rushes my lungs and explodes from my lips, but its hollow and heartless, with no thunder to back it up. Like the voice of a powerless child, it drowns into the party noise below. “This isnt how its supposed to be!”
I turn back to my room, pick up the largest glass shards with my good hand, and hurl them at the walls, the fireplace, the door. How this happened I dont know—I scarcely looked away from Eogan as he fought Draewulf at the Keep. Only a matter of moments. And afterward—when he was talking to his generals . . .
His skin had looked sallow. Bruised. Bloody. With that incision behind his neck.
My stomach turns. The thought of Draewulf slicing him open while I stood feet away—of Eogan dying, his essence being absorbed by the monster wearing him like a shell of flesh . . . I fling a thick glass spike into the door. Then another, and another.
The last one thuds so hard it creates a crack across the overlay just as a knock sounds on the other side.
Miss?” a mans clipped voice calls through. I pause.
Ive been asked to summon you to the banquet.”
What? I look around. Now? An awareness of what Im supposed to be doing sinks in, as does the roomful of dissipating smoke and broken glass and the blood covering my palms that are somehow sliced like ribbons.
Oh kracken. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to do this. I bend over as my head spins, bringing bile up my throat. Why didnt you just kill me too?” I yell at Draewulf.
To hulls with your blasted banquet,” I snap loud enough for the man to hear. But I go ahead and dab my hands on my dress and step over to the washbasin to dunk them in case he barges in.
The cold water burns like litches. It scalds and sears the smoke from my head—enough to register the fact that not only am I sup- posed to be at the banquet, but Draewulf left me functioning enough to attend it. I steady my trembling arms. Bite my lip. Whatever hes planning, he kept me alive to watch.
“Miss.” The man’s voice comes again with a more insistent knock. “Please. We need to hurry.”
Narrowing my eyes, I shove my blasted feelings so deep that the numb rises and spreads over them in a thin, fragile layer. Just go see what hes got planned.
I grab the drying cloth and stride to the door. I yank it open to find one of the captain’s guards. Tannin, if I recall, with his brown eyes, brown skin, and hair that sticks up like a thatched roof.
His expression is full of admiration as he tips his head politely. “The celebration—” He stalls, and I watch the discreet slide of his eyes down my white waist-length Elemental hair to my blood- smeared dress. He makes a shocked noise in the back of his throat.
Ill be a few minutes.”
I shut the door and, turning back to the water-basin table, pull one of my knives from its sheath. Shakily, I use it to shred the dry- ing cloth into strips and tie the material around my bleeding palms, pressing them hard until the oozing subsides, then walk to the wardrobe King Sedric had someone fill with the lavish-type dresses we both despise. Not because they’re not gorgeous—they are—but because they’re a disgusting waste of money when the peasant pop- ulation has spent the last forty years starving.
I pull out a sleeveless black gown with no layers or buttons, which makes it easy to slip into despite my sliced palms and my left hand’s fingers that are permanently curled inward almost to a fist. The fingers that never healed right after Brea, owner fourteen, took a mallet to them when my lightning strike took her husband’s sight because he couldnt keep his anger to himself.
Once on, the dress shimmers and flows around my frame. A look in the mirror while I carefully drag a brush down my hair shows the dress does more than flow and cling. The color sets off the black trellis of owner- and memorial-tattooed markings circling my bare arms. It darkens them, making them look eerie. Uncomfortable.
Huh. Good.
I pick up my sheath of knives and strap the blades to my calf, then tug my dress over them. I firm my jaw. Hold it together, Nym. At least until you figure out what the kracken to do.
Except everything within me whispers that I already know what I need to do.
Miss?” The man taps on the door again.
I lift my chin and straighten my unsteady shoulders. And harden my blue eyes before forcing the falsest grin Ive ever smiled and walking over to open the blood-smeared, glass-impaled door.
Tannins still standing there. He doesnt offer an arm. The venera- tion in his gaze is shadowed by a flash of fear. Hes afraid to touch me.
I almost give a caustic laugh. Up until twenty minutes ago he should’ve been terrified.
Now? Im as impotent as you are,” I nearly tell him.
Glad you could join us.” His expression edges back toward that ridiculous awe that the guards and knights and so many in Faelen are newly inclined to place on me. I frown. He looks about to say something further but seems to think better of it and waits until I shut the door before falling in beside me. “King Sedric sent me to persuade you.”
I nod stiffly.
Hes requested to see you,” he prods. “And I must say what an impression your style will make this evening.” His eyes dip to my wrapped palms. “Very . . . stunning.”
My attempt at politeness falters. I cant do it. I clench my teeth and let my glare smolder down the corridor in front of us, and after a moment he, smartly, seals his mouth like a tomb.
One minute. Two minutes. Three minutes eke by until we reach the Great Hall. Before he leads me in, Tannin turns to face me. His cheeks are blushing like berries and suddenly hes fumbling a crisp, folded kerchief from beneath his guard doublet and holding it out to me. Miss, I was wondering if youd mind giving a token, a kiss perhaps, for me to take home.”
I stare at him.
He smiles as if hes serious.
Is he insane? Up until a week ago my kiss would’ve been con- sidered a curse. Im not a lady for knights to request tokens from,” I mutter, and go to push past him.
Its for my daughter.” I stall.
I peer at him. Loosen my jaw. How old is she?”
“Eight. And she’s real proud of what you’ve done for us—for Faelen.”
A moment longer and I hold out my hand for the cloth and place it against my lips in what is the most awkward thing Ive ever done in my life.Tell her its the innocent who died in battle who deserve her respect, not the warriors who lived,” I say, returning it to him. “Especially not one who was only there because of accidental powers.”
He blushes even darker. “Yes, miss. Thank you, miss.”
I go to stride past him but catch the look as he drops his gaze. I hesitate. Tell her its people like her father she should respect,” I say softer. “The ones who serve because they have faith in justice.”
He peers up and his eyes widen, then sparkle, and I try not to feel ill while turning to enter the shiny balcony.
The space is already filled with heavily perfumed people, most of whom are looking down upon the enormous lower room that’s stuffed to the walls with prominent individuals fawning over food- heavy tables and a minicarnival.
I shake off the embarrassing cloth-kissing and dart my gaze about for  Eogan-turned-Draewulf  as  acrobats,  panther-mon- keys, and even a baby oliphant prance around on the stage below. Behind them, giant arched windows and mural-painted walls edge
up against the open doors and outside patios, giving the room a depth that brings the frescoed firefly trees and Hythra Crescent Mountains to life.
I search the corners for Eogan, but only find vedic harpies swinging from cages, humming their songs about the sea. Their music is enough to trigger a bizarre homesickness for my previ- ous owner Adoras home and her parties with Eogan and Colin. I purse my lips. Whod have thought Id miss anything about that woman?
Turning my eyes, I tune them out even as my stiff shoulders threaten to buckle. Blasted hulls, Eogan, why couldnt you have let me shield you?
Find him and do what you have to, Nym.
“This way, miss.” Tannin beckons me to the crowd in the center of the loft where he proceeds to weave me around their warm bod- ies. The elegant people fall away from us with eager glances and murmurs. Some are already too full of wine to walk decently, but apparently not enough to prevent them from noticing my sea-blue eyes and everything else about me that shouts Elemental.
“They say she took down Brons airships with a single lightning strike,” someone excitedly whispers.
Two,” another says. “The first took out the archers.”
No, no, she used her breath. Inhaled the wind and blew them back to Bron.”
I raise a brow and cant help the smirk at that one. It fades as soon as my chest tightens with the rawness of not having Colin beside me. He would’ve laughed and never let me hear the end of it. My breath? I straighten. Keep walking.
“Either way, do you think it wise having her at the High Court? Look at those bandages on her hands. Are we certain shes safe?”
No, but it doesnt matter. Rumor is she’ll be invited to leave for Bron with King Eogan soon.”
“Figures,” a mans voice titters too loudly. “Anyone can tell shes vying to be that mans queen. Can you imagine? A week ago she was a slave. As if she’d know the first thing about court life. Now, if it was that visiting Cashlin princess, Rasha . . .”
I keep my head up and dont give them the luxury of knowing that my ears are, in fact, clearly working even if the mans insults are more comforting than any of the praise. I look around. Where is Princess Rasha? Less than an hour ago she was in my room playing with knives and hinting encouragements about Eogan. How did she not see this coming with Draewulf?
Tannin stops and I almost trip over him onto King Sedric, whos speaking with men I recognize as part of the High Council. In their shiny green doublets and pointy-heeled shoes, they remind me of the garish Adora. Especially beside His Royal Highness whos as boyish-looking and underdressed as ever. I curtsy as protocol dictates and nod at his guards nearby. They visibly relax and my hard eyes soften a bit at this man-boy whos two years older than me—nineteenbut seems twenty more, and who fought without flinching at Eogan’s and my side.
He stops speaking and turns a kind smile.Nym.” “Your Highness.”
Im pleased you could make it down this evening.”
Im honored to be invited.” My throat tightens. Tell him about Eogan.
His merry gaze falls on my clothbound palms and narrows with apparent concern. I hope you know this celebration is as much in praise to you as it is the treaty.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty, but the gratitude is rightly placed on your shoulders.” My eyes flick behind him, beyond the guards, in search of Eogan. You have to tell him, Nym. I clench my fingers and feel the pain from the cuts shoot up my arms.
Tell him you’re all in danger.
I open my mouth again.
But my tongue thickens and heat clogs my throat. I dont know how to do it. I cant make the words come out from my lips that will sentence Eogans body to death by the hands of someone who hardly knows him. Even if Sedric is my king. You have my respect and grat- itude,” I whisper instead. “Especially regarding your mercy toward my Elemental race.”
King Sedric grins and glances at the councilmen who are slosh- ing the drinks they’ve raised in our direction. He leans politely toward me. “I’d relish the chance to speak with you about your her- itage as well as the plight of the Faelen citizens, if I may have the honor of a dance later this evening?”
I nod before retreating so he can return to his conversation. Good luck, miss,” Tannin says, and, with a grateful wink and a
half bow, leaves me alone in a sea of people I barely know whore full of blatant gawks and wearing giant, poofed hats that look exactly like the black-and-red Bron airships. Complete with larva-shaped balloons.
I swallow and head to the balconys ledge and glare over it. Colin and Eogan should be here with me, mocking the ridiculousness of the outfits, of the luxury, listening while I scream that Draewulf is not dead.
Instead I swear I hear their ghosts whispering that hes going to wipe out this entire room and take Faelen. Just like he tried to at the Keep.
I grit my teeth and lean over the gilt railing to peer down below to look for him.
The lights flicker oddly, urging me to hurry my scan of the faces. Where is he?
Nervous chuckles break out as the candle lights blink again. I straighten and look up just as the glow flickers a third time and the crowds laughter ceases.
What’s going on?” someone whispers.Whos putting out the lights?

Other Books in the Series

Storm Siren (Storm Siren, #1)
Storm Siren
(The Storm Siren Trilogy #1)
by Mary Weber
YA Fantasy
Hardcover320 Pages
August 19th 2014 by Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins


“I raise my chin as the buyers stare. Yes. Look. You don’t want me. Because, eventually, accidentally, I will destroy you.”

In a world at war, a slave girl’s lethal curse could become one kingdom’s weapon of salvation. If the curse—and the girl—can be controlled.

As a slave in the war-weary kingdom of Faelen, seventeen-year-old Nym isn’t merely devoid of rights, her Elemental kind are only born male and always killed at birth — meaning, she shouldn’t even exist.

Standing on the auction block beneath smoke-drenched mountains, Nym faces her fifteenth sell. But when her hood is removed and her storm-summoning killing curse revealed, Nym is snatched up by a court advisor and given a choice: be trained as the weapon Faelen needs to win the war, or be killed.

Choosing the former, Nym is unleashed into a world of politics, bizarre parties, and rumors of an evil more sinister than she’s being prepared to fight . . . not to mention the handsome trainer whose dark secrets lie behind a mysterious ability to calm every lightning strike she summons.

But what if she doesn’t want to be the weapon they’ve all been waiting for?

Set in a beautifully eclectic world of suspicion, super abilities, and monsters, Storm Siren is a story of power. And whoever controls that power will win.


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About the Author

Mary Weber is a ridiculously uncoordinated girl plotting to take over make-believe worlds through books, handstands, and imaginary throwing knives. In her spare time, she feeds unicorns, sings 80’s hairband songs to her three muggle children, and ogles her husband who looks strikingly like Wolverine. They live in California, which is perfect for stalking L.A. bands, Joss Whedon, and the ocean. Her debut YA fantasy novel, STORM SIREN, is available now in bookstores and online, and SIREN'S FURY (book 2 in the trilogy) will be out June, 2015 from TN HarperCollins.


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  1. I would love to discover a fantasy world - it would be amazing to be there finding all the new things

  2. Deanne Patterson5/21/15, 12:03 PM

    Mary I really am excited at the thought of reading Siren's Fury. The covers are spectacular and the stories look phenonamal. I can't wait to read this, hopefully soon. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity !

  3. I would love to find a fantasy world. It would be so interesting to see what aspects of fantasy books hold true.

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  5. I have no logical explanation for why I've not already read this book. It's really an insult. Great post, ladies. :)

  6. Part of the reason I love fantasy so much is its escapism, so if I were to discover a fantasy world in real life I would be thrilled!


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