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Nourish: The Beginner's Guide to Eating Healthy and Staying FitNourish
The beginners guide to eating healthy and staying fit
by Christi Silbaugh
Paperback, 240 Pages
April 14th 2015 by Cedar Fort


Fend off the freshman fifteen with this ultimate guide to eating right and staying fit. Learn how to cook for yourself and how to plan nutritious meals—without processed foods, gluten, and sugar. Plus find step-by-step photos for exercises, and pilates and yoga poses. Great as a graduation gift or anyone who wants to make a fresh start, this book will help young and old alike start healthy habits to last a lifetime.


My Review

Nourish was a fun cookbook, half healthy recipes and half yoga poses. There was a lot of variety, but the huge focus was on healthy snacks (where a lot of us get in trouble when we just want something quick, salty and/or sweet) and on healthy meals. The snack section did include some recipes that I would consider side dishes more than snacks, but could work for snacks as well. I also liked that there was a section on sauces because that's where sugar can be quite prevalent. There were just a few included, but all good ones. Then there was a large selection of recipes for main meals that all looked appetizing. I liked that you could find plenty of gluten-free and vegan recipes, but there were also non-vegan recipes so that regardless of your eating preferences there was something for everyone.

I liked all the yoga poses as well, although I would have preferred drawings or studio pictures with all the models in cropped pants and t-shirts or tanks. My kids flip through my books quite a bit and some of the models could have been dressed more modestly. These are things you think about when you have a pre-teen son. It also would have been nice to have had an index of yoga poses in the back so I could find where a specific pose was. They're spread throughout the book with a recipe on one page and a yoga pose on the other or a two page spread for a recipe and then a yoga pose. I would have liked just a little bit more organization or way of finding what I was looking for without flipping through an entire section or the entire book (if I was looking for a specific yoga pose).

Here are the recipes we tried:
Thai Chicken Salad

Blackened Salmon

Raw Vegan Caprese

Oven-Baked Omelettes

Green Pina Colada

Banana Bread Cookies

Double-Chocolate Brownies

We're having the Citrus Chicken with Black Bean Salsa tonight and it looks and sounds heavenly. I also have the Chocolate Protein Granola, Cheesy Garlic Cauliflower Bread, Vegan Cashew Mayo, Garlic Parmesan Salad Dressing, Apple Pie Cookies, Chocolate Brownie Cookies, and Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars on my list to make this week.

The healthy cookies (we tried the Banana Bread Cookies) are definitely that and taste that way, so they don't necessarily meet my sugar craving. The Double-Chocolate Brownies were really good, definitely heavy on the nut taste, but the icing was to die for! The rest of the recipes were very good! We loved the Blackened Salmon and the Raw Vegan Caprese especially, but the Thai Chicken Salad, Oven-Baked Omelettes, and Green Pina Colada were also delicious. I also made the Date Paste, which I liked better than another recipe I had tried.

Nourish was overall an enjoyable cookbook, especially for those of us wanting to eat healthier or looking for more healthy recipes. 
The yoga poses were an interesting addition and included easy instructions on how to perform each pose. I don't know how much I'll use the yoga poses, but as far as rating the recipes, I enjoyed them all. If you're into yoga and healthy eating, I would recommend this cookbook.

Source: I would like to thank the publisher, Cedar Fort, for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Author

Christi Silbaugh is the author of Gluten-Free Made Easy, Gourmet Cooking for two, and writes for numerous media outlets like Activewear USA Magazine, Glam Media, Federated Media, and many more. Sharing recipes, yoga tips, and her personal journey, her popular blog Mom What’s for Dinner? has over 2.5 million readers and for couples, her playful romance food blog Gourmet Cooking for two can give you spicy tips for the kitchen.

After surviving cancer, her love of food married her passion for being healthy. Receiving her 200 hour yoga one teacher Certification in 2014; Christi’s mission is to help heal the world through conscious healthy eating and moving the body. She also has started a non profit called We Are Warriors committed to bringing free recovery yoga to past and present cancer patients.


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