#TackleTBR Update for Thursday the 11th

This is my daily update for the Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon and where you can leave or link your daily update (in comments below). An update today is for what we read yesterday, just so we're all on the same page. :)

If you haven't signed up, you can through the 17th here. And you can see the full schedule, my goals, and enter the two giveaways here.

Now you can track pages read or books read. Either is fine. It just depends if your goal is to read a specific number of books or pages.

Today's additional challenge/giveaway is being hosted by Donna Hatch (author of the Rogue Hearts Series and Queen in Exile).

I started the day on page 23 of The Strength of Ballerinas and at 5% through Sleeping Beauty and the Beast. Here's how it ended:

Number of participating blogs I visited: 13 plus some Twitter responses.
Books I read: Finished Sleeping Beauty and the Beast, got through page 76 of The Strength of Ballerinas, and then through 47% of Salt & Storm on my Kindle.
Books I finished: 1
Total number of finished books: 4.5
Titles of finished books: Reign of Shadows, The Christmas Cowboy, Leaving Liberty, The Better Man, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday's challenge was hosted by Melissa Wright here. We were supposed to pick our five favorite books. What a tough thing to do!! I have a wide range of genres I read, so I tried to pick a favorite from each. Here they are:

Did you participate in the challenge? Have you read any of these?

I am so happy with how much reading I'm getting done! Of course it helps that I listen to my books on my Kindle while I'm on the computer, doing dishes, folding clothes... How did your reading go on Thursday?


  1. I've read the top three in your list though none of them made my favorites list! I just recently read Cinder and I loved it! Great pick! You are doing pretty great on this read-a-thon!
    I had another slow day but here's my post!

  2. Karsyn Smith9/12/14, 5:55 AM

    I've only ever read Cinder, and I enjoyed it. :) My day 4 was the weakest for me so far. I was too excited for my game, then we LOST. UGH!! So, I only finished 1 book and 2 comics. Still a win since I'm only 5 books away from my overall book goal with over a week left, so that will be easy for me. :) Here's my Day 4 Update

  3. Hey, finishing a book is great! :)

  4. I went with old favorites that I've re-read. There really are so many favorites. It was like, out of these five or ten favorites from each genre would I pick??? Thanks, Abbi!

  5. I loved her newest, Meant to Be Mine too. It was a tough choice besides all the other Christian romance books I love. P&P is actually fairly short and Elizabeth is even ruder to Darcy than in any of the film adaptations. I like to skip around and read all my favorite parts and crack up. :)

  6. ONLY 1 book and 2 comics huh? LOL! Sorry you lost! You are doing great though.

  7. I read two books yesterday to bring my total to 7! :)

  8. That is so awesome! Way to go!!!

  9. Kim@superbookgrl13.blogspot.co9/12/14, 4:18 PM

    none of my top 5 are on your list, cinder almost made it though!:)

    here is update
    Day 4 update

  10. Heather M. Riley9/12/14, 5:25 PM

    Well, so far since I started the challenge I've completed 2 novellas, but I also read multiple books at a time. Here's today's update: http://heathermariereviews.blogspot.com/2014/09/read-thon-update-ties-that-bind-by-kate.html


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